Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dreaming of Farm Animals

image by Katie In my dream we are selling our house. But one morning I wake up to find that our neighbours' pigs and goats have taken up residence in our backyard. I was concerned that the buyer would not be impressed by this.

This dream relates to things going on in my waking life. Our house has been sold and our neighbours do have a plethora of animals (cats and dogs) that come in our yard and irritate me. But why would my dream add the symbols of the additional farm animals? Does this have any meaning?

Symbols having to do with a farm generally represent a down to earth or basic needs feeling in our dreams.

Goats have long been recognized with feelings of sexuality on a base level. Pigs also represent base needs and passions.

So what is my dream telling me? I've talked about Dreaming of A House in a previous post but basically it represents your own psyche, yourself. In my dream the animals have taken up residence outside the home and I am concerned about what that would look like to potential buyers. I think this means that I am concerned that outsiders will be able to observe my base nature and I'm worried about what they might think. I'm not aware of feeling this way but the dream will help me to be aware of this potential in my life.