Monday, August 15, 2016

Dreaming of French Fries and other Random Things

I am riding in the back seat of a car with my children. My husband is driving in a crazy, manic, manner. Suddenly, my children and I are transformed into giant french fries, in a fast food box, and we are limply flopping around.

Sometimes dreams can contain really random images(see Kim Kardashian's Mushrooms) I can't remember if I had french fries to eat that night, that would explain a lot.

According to many dream dictionaries, french fries can symbolize frivolous things. They could also suggest aspects of the fast food culture like cheap ingredients, cheap prices, or lower class culture. Based on these meanings, dreaming of french fries could suggest that you are experiences these things or feelings in your waking life.

In my dream, I was left with a feeling of being helpless and out of control, like a limp french fry flopping around in a container I was afraid to fall out of. My dream seemed to suggest that I was feeling this way, helpless and without control in a relationship where my husband was is the driver's seat.

What are some random images that have shown up in your dreams?

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Dreaming of Running

You are in a crowd of people. You glimpse the man that is trying to catch you. You try to run but your feet refuse to budge. It's like you're running in slow motion. You can't get away...

Many people have dreamed about this situation. Running, or rather trying to run, in dreams is so frustrating because you're trying to move but you just can't, It's like trying to run under water. Why does this happen in dreams?

Running in dreams represents movement. In waking life there are situations that we move through easily and others where we feel stuck. If you dream of running quickly and without effort in a dream, it might means that you can do the same in your waking life reality. Whereas, dreaming of having trouble running, may mean the desire to flee from a situation.

We can run away from situations or people or towards them, with others or alone. Try to pay attention to the other aspects of your dream that can help you interpret what running in a dream symbolizes for you.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dreaming of Being Stabbed

I dreamed I was looking after a class of nine year old school kids. We were at someone's house watching a movie. Suddenly, a boy (known to me in real life) picked up a knife that was on the coffee table. I tried to talk him into putting it down since it was very unsafe. Then he lunged at me and stabbed me through the hand. When I looked though, there was no mark. I went back to school and tried to tell the administration what had happened. It was hard to talk and they didn't believe me.

In this dream, the predominant images that stood out to me were stabbing, knife, and hand.

Dreaming of being stabbed often means you are open or vulnerable to being hurt.

A knife is a symbol of the severance of something or someone. This can be a cutting away of something no longer essential.

In my dream, what was cut was the palm of my right hand. As a body part, the hands signify the power or creativity of the individual. The right hand, especially, represents power while the left hand is associated with passivity. A wound through the palm of the hand is suggestive of the image of the crucifixion of Jesus, nails through the hand.

This dream can be directly related to something that happened in my waking life at work. I felt powerless and accused by a student and was unsure of the support of my administration. Interestingly, this dream happened awhile after the event, but I guess my subconscious was still trying to work the issue out. I liked the positive outcome of the dream that though I was stabbed I came out of it unscathed. Usually I have teacher dreams like this at the beginning of school... Can anyone else relate?