Sunday, June 16, 2019

Dreaming of a Tsunami

                                                 Photo by Cristian Vazquez from Pixbay

I'm at school teaching a small group of students. We hear there is going to be a Tsunami so we all head home. My dad/boyfriend/ex (not sure who it is because it keeps changing) is driving me home to our house which is an older style (not really my house). As I look out the left window, I see a Tsunami churning at the bottom of the street. I tell my dad that we have to go up to the second floor. He is resists this idea but eventually we do. I still think we need to go even higher, like to the roof of the house because I can see the water has risen all the way up our house. 
It's the next day and the water has receded. We are outside. The house is soggy and damp but still intact. I wonder if all the school people are okay.

Tsunami Symbol

I have never dreamt of a tsunami before. Generally, this symbol represents repressed feelings or emotions. In my dream, the tsunami was churning which is a good way to describe emotions (the churning feeling in your stomach). In reality, a tsunami is a large, catastrophic event that can cause a lot of damage.

Meaning of the Left Side in Dreams

In my dream, I looked out the left window of the house to observe the tsunami. In dreams, the symbol of a house represents yourself and different rooms mean various things (see articles Dreaming of a House, Dreaming of a House Surrounded By Water, Dreaming of a House, Basement and Hell). When you look to the left side you are perhaps looking at things from a different angle (versus the RIGHT side). On the other hand, the left side of the brain is commonly regarded as the more logical, rationale way of thinking.

Meaning of the Second Floor

Again to do with the House symbol (see above), the second floor represents your higher self, whereas the first or ground floor deal with more basic needs. In my dream, I felt the need to go to this higher place in order to be safe. I had difficulty convincing my dad to do this. After the water reached the second floor I wanted to go even higher. The Roof Symbol suggests ambition (climb to the top) as well as heightened awareness.

School Symbol

Because I am a teacher, I often dream of a school so for me the general symbol of school being a place to learn is also a place of stress, feelings of inadequacy, anything that would generally be related to a job. (You can read more about the school symbol in Naked Teacher Dreams, Dreaming of Being Stabbed and Dreaming of Birds). In this dream, I would see the school symbol first of all, as symbolizing this is a dream where I will learn something important, and second, representing my regular, every day life.

Symbol of the Male Figure

In my dream, the male figure changed from being my boyfriend/ex-husband then finally settling on being my father. The male symbol in my dreams usually means a person judging me. As well, it could suggest the opposite to my feminine side, a more rational way of thinking. Because my father has also passed away, I take dreams involving him to have a special message for me. (See Dreaming of the Dead).

The Interpretation

You can see that this was a dream with many different symbols that contributed to its overall meaning. I know from past interpretations of dreams, that some of the symbols have a unique meaning to me, while others are more general. The message I take from this dream is to be prepared for an event that will cause me some emotional turmoil. In order to face this and have a good outcome, I need to look at it from a different and higher perspective, in fact, the highest consciousness I can.