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I'm a writer, educator and musician who has been helping others interpret their dreams since I was a little girl. As a History major in university, I was always interested in the idea of symbols used by ancient cultures and religions to express meaning. Additionally, my studies in English (it was my minor) introduced me to the idea of archetypes found in literature. I've been hugely influenced in my dream studies by the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung who wrote extensively about the meaning of symbols and archetypes found in dreams and the "collective unconscious" we all share and have access to when we are sleeping.

As an educator, I love helping people learn about these symbols and archetypes to help them to interpret their own dreams.I subscribe to the approach of Robert Moss that only the dreamer himself really can only know the meaning of his own dream because it relates to his own associations and experiences. I take a "middle of the road" approach to dream interpretation. While I do believe that some dreams can be spiritual in nature I feel that many of our dreams reflect the true feelings and wisdom of our unconscious in response to waking life situations.

Sweet Dreams

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