Thursday, February 2, 2012

Green Monster and Ice Block

The first dream image that I can remember having was when I was eight. I dreamt that a green bigfoot-like monster was standing in front of me, at the edge of our driveway in our cul-de-sac. He was holding a huge block of ice that was slowly melting. It scared me to death!

I have always dreamed and been good at remembering my dreams, long before I had ever heard of "lucid dreaming" or dream "journalling". As well, I have also always had a talent for being able to interpret both dreams of my own,as well as those of other people. I think that if I were living in another time, I might have a place in a beautiful Grecian temple where people could come to me with their dreams; but in this day and age, I am reduced (or privileged!) to having a blog.I'll try to make it as beautiful as I can!

Over the years, I have added to my knowledge of dream symbols by reading books about the psychology of dreams, dream symbols and religious symbols and views on dreams. I especially like the authors Pamela Ball, Carl Jung, Robert Moss and Celtic Symbols.

While I believe that some dream symbols are universal and have intrinsic meaning (such as a circle, dreaming of a house, a skull) I do feel that dreams need to be interpreted personally. You and I might have a similar dream but based on our individual circumstances it would mean something different to each of us.

The image of a monster in dreams represents our fears or our negative emotions. This is a common childhood dream image. The colour of the monster was green which represents nature but could also represent envy or jealousy.

Ice, in dreams, can be seen as something dangerous or just hard and cold. A melting ice block makes me think of cold emotions that are, or need to thaw or change.

I can't remember what was going on in my life at the time, but now as I try to interpret the dream, I think I was being confronted, subconsciously, by strong negative emotions I might have been having.

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