Monday, July 23, 2012

Dreaming of Glass Windows

(image by Robert Peggy)

My friend told me of a dream she had recently, where her ex-boyfriend had built her a beautiful new house. But it was emtpy except for glass windows that he was very proud of installing.

In real life glass windows serve as a barrier between us and the world. In dreams they represent social barriers like caution, inhibition, pride and the fear of being hurt.

Glass that is opaque or not easy to see through could symbolize parts or yourself that you are keeping hidden from view of others.Jung believed that looking through glass windows that are transparent, allow us to see things that we cannot yet reach.

If you dream of glass breaking, it symbolizes breaking through barriers, represssion or even relationships.

Windows also serve as symbols in dreams. A closed window suggests a closed mind or situation whereas an open window implies a means of escape.

In the case of my friend's dream, I would think the symbol of glass windows suggests that the ex-boyfriend has put up some emotional barriers in their relationship which is preventing them from turning the house he has built into a home.