Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dreaming of a House Surrounded by Water: Interpreting Dreams with Multiple Symbols

I am at a friend's house. It is small, box-shaped and white. It's floating on the ocean which looks like the Mediterranean Sea - the water is so blue and the sky is bright and sunny.Inside the house is my friend and her family, two young boys. I am slightly concerned that the water reaches the base of the house but one boy tells me not to worry - it's always like that and the water has never gone into the house.

This dream combines two of my favourite dream symbols- a house and water. It's actually a good example of the way that dreams often contain a combination of symbols which can influence the way you interpret them.

I have often received comments, especially on my post Dreaming of A Frog, where people will tell me their specific dream that contains the frog symbol and then ask "What does it mean?" Well, individual symbols having general meanings but they have to be interpreted within the context of the dream, as well as your own experience.

For example, as I've mentioned in other posts, water as a symbol can have several meanings. Rough water indicates turmoil while smooth water indicates peace and healing.

In my dream the water was slightly ripply, expansive (it stretched out to the horizon) and it was a beautiful shade of blue. Blue usually represents wisdom, truth and tranquility.

A house symbolizes the inner structure of your soul/self. A small, white boxy house could feel claustrophobic but I felt safe and contained. White can be a symbol of truth, knowledge and new beginnings. This makes sense in the light that it's my friend's house - a person I knew from school who seems to always appear in my dreams as a spiritual/wisdom guide. The Mediterranean could also be a symbol representing wisdom because of the connection with Ancient Greece.

Finally, the symbol of the young boys which I've discussed in a previous post. They also appear in my dream as guides, but rather the kind that point me to adventure and reclaiming my youth.

So, taking all these symbols into consideration, I think my dream was telling me that I may be feeling unsure of the path I'm on but it's good and I will be safe.


  1. I've also had a similar dream recently that i was sailing with my brother and some other people i don't know heading to a very big white beautiful house which was built on water and inside there was an elderly man and his family welcoming us.

  2. I had a similar dream to this where i was in my childhood home, just staring out my front door which ussually i would just see a road and the neighborhood however i only saw an expansive sea. I watched there until the dream ended as the beautiful waves rippled a pretty good amount but nothing alarming. I remember seeing a tiny bit of the water wash onto my front porch and into my house as the tides on the beach would but it was a very small amount and i was peaceful and knew that there was nothing to worry about, that the water wasnt going to harm me. I was the only one there in my dream at that moment though unlike your experiance. It was by far the most beautiful dream i have probably ever had.

  3. Dreaming of a house surrounded by water is a very very joyful and beautiful imagination.