Saturday, April 21, 2018

Dreaming of a House, a Basement and Hell

I am living in a house that is not mine in real life. Two men come to look at it to buy. As I show them around, I realize that I haven't been in the living room for a year because last year's Christmas tree is still there, dead pine needles and all. I also realize that there is major water damage, it is all soggy along the carpet and walls. "You're going to have to get this fixed," the man said. As I continued to lead him through the house I saw corridors and rooms I had never seen before. I was surprised but also delighted by so many cute rooms! One hallway led to the basement which was a huge underground cave, there was a dark beach area with water. Hundreds of people were in the water. I knew immediately that this was hell. I had been living in a house where hell was in the basement...I wasn't that disturbed by it, the people in the water seemed like lost souls but not scary at all. I was concerned, however, when my daughter ventured into the water. I was afraid the people would pull her in so I called her back.

Most dreams feature a combination of images, that when put together, lead to a richer interpretation of a dream. When you dream of a house, it symbolizes your inner psyche and the different rooms represent different areas of your life. 

 Living Room Symbol

A living room is generally a room where families and friends gather to socialize and celebrate. Since, in the dream, I hadn't used the living room in a year, points to the fact that in waking life, I have been neglecting that social side of my life. The damage to the carpet could suggest that my social standing is unstable and needs to be fixed.

Hallways and Corridors

These represent a transition in life, going somewhere, or a journey into self-awareness.

Basement Symbol

The basement is a symbol of your unconscious - things you have kept buried inside you and might not want to acknowledge in waking life.


Most people would view the image of Hell to be a symbol of suffering, guilt of sin but in my dream, it was more of a neutral waiting place. Water as a symbol can mean a cleansing of sins, which is what these people might have been undergoing. I don't think that I had to take part in this cleansing, in fact, I felt it was dangerous and pulled my daughter out. My daughter, who by the way is very religious, so maybe that represented saving her from religious ideologies such as the belief in hell? There is an idea (as seen in mythology) that once you have confronted hell you have confronted the dark side of your personality. I find the dichotomy between the "living" room and basement of the dead very interesting. This is a dream I will definitely ponder for years to come.

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