Saturday, April 21, 2018

Dreaming Of A Sink Filled With Water

 I dreamt I was in a house that was supposed to belong to me but my ex-husband was there. I was about to go on a trip but I noticed that there were three sinks in the bathroom and they were all filled with water. My ex said that is what you were supposed to do before you went on a trip as a precaution.  It was a way to prepare the house for my departure and my return.

Dreaming of a Bathroom

As I've talked about in a previous post (Dreaming of a House Surrounded by Water), dreaming of a house represents your inner self and soul. The specific rooms of a house relate to specific areas of your life. A bathroom relates to your emotional psyche, the need to cleanse yourself or eliminate.

The Sink Symbol

The sink is usually where you wash your hands, which can be symbolic of getting rid of a situation. (think Lady Macbeth). Water as a symbol, (Dreaming of a Lake) can also represent cleansing.

In my dream, the basins reminded me of the baptism basins in a church where they keep the holy water. This is interesting because there were three sinks, unusual in a bathroom. The number three (see Numbers in Dreams) can represent the Trinity (three in one).

I'm not sure why my ex would tell me to leave the water in the sinks.  I don't usually see him in my dreams as a helpful guide...but it could be a suggestion to keep something filled and prepared for something in the future.

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