Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Dreaming of an Avalanche

 I am inside a lodge in the mountains.  Suddenly,  I see small but sharp spears of snow coming through the walls towards me, moving in slow motion. The walls sort of cave in but then fix themselves. I know there has been an avalanche. I go outside to look and see drifts of snow banked against the outside of the lodge.But we are all okay.

Avalanche Symbol

An avalanche is usually seen as a destructive force of nature. It is dangerous and unpredictable… you could die! But sometimes avalanches are purposely caused by the workers on the mountains as a preventative measure. 

Snow Image

Snow is made of water and in many of my previous dreams, the state of water mirrors my emotional space. Snow is frozen water which indicates “frozen” or pent up feelings. In the dream I see “sharp spears” of snow which sounds dangerous and threatening. The avalanche image suggests that these feelings come rising out in a destructive, uncontrollable manner.

The Lodge

A lodge is like a hotel which also features as a symbol in my dreams. I see it as a social space which deals with the way I perceive I am viewed by others, in this case my family relationships perhaps. In the dream the walls seem to cave in from the avalanche but then they “fix” themselves. If I put this in the context of my family relationships, this emotional outburst or turmoil has the potential to threaten the family structure and my relationships but they will be repaired.

At the end of the dream I go outside and although I see the remnants of the avalanche aftermath, “we are all okay”. This dream will help me to navigate any problems that come up in my family life in the future. 

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