Monday, December 26, 2022

Dreaming of Swimming in Turquoise Water

 I am at a beach that is on a peninsula (surrounded by water on three sides). One side of the beach is better than the other, I am on the wrong side. The water is clear and turquoise in colour. I was by myself so I went swimming. I dove down and swam under water for awhile, it felt freeing and fun! When I came to the surface I was surprised to find I was in the hotel pool. My family joined me and we made plans to go paddleboarding on the other side of the island. I was a bit afraid there might be sharks there though.

Water Image

In dreams, water is both a common and powerful symbol. Just like in waking life, water in dreams takes many forms from rivers to lakes, tsunamis to sinks. Each particular image suggests a different meaning. The state of the water is often a key to your dream. Calm and smooth meaning easy times ahead, whereas rough and choppy waters reflect that things may be tough as well your emotional state.

Water can represent a cleansing force. Being submerged under water is like a baptism. When you come out you are like new.  It can be a very spiritual image.

Symbolism of the Colour Blue

Colours often serve as symbols in dreams. The colour blue generally represents peace, tranquility and wisdom. Of course,  the colour blue can come in a variety of shades, each bringing a particular meaning. Turquoise water, the hue of blue in my dream, is clear and calming. Diving into and swimming through this shade of water, I feel,  means I was seeking and experiencing clarity. 

Swimming Image in Dreams

Swimming is a way of moving through life, like crawling or running. Each action suggests a different feeling about the way you are moving. To me, swimming feels fun and free. To someone else who maybe can’t swim or has had a bad experience in water, it might suggest a different state of mind. Being submerged in water is like going back to the womb, that safe space where our life began.  Swimming in the ocean, versus a river or lake suggests our primordial roots, they say where all life began. In my dream then, I really feel that swimming in the ocean suggests getting in touch with my original authentic self. 

Hotel Image

In the middle part of my dream I popped up from that spiritual experience in a hotel pool which suggests a more public and social place, kind of getting back to real life. I have had dreams of hotels before and they usually serve as a symbol of social interactions and often judgement.

Conclusion of the Dream

In the final scene of the dream my family and I make plans to go to paddleboarding on the other side of the island. I do paddle board in waking life so that would not be an unusual activity for me. The “other side of the island” suggests venturing into the unknown and I’m a little afraid of what we might encounter there. This does relate to a situation in my life right now where I’m contemplating moving and changing jobs. Even though this dream didn’t provide me with any answers about that, it did reflect the process I am going through, or rather I should go through, taking a “deep dive” into contemplation before I make the move.

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