Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dreaming of Surfboards

(photo by Rossographer)

In my dream I am walking down a city street to the beach. There are many cross walks and I'm supposed to wear a seatbelt. I decide I can cross without it but I am careful to wait for the walk signal. Once I get to the beach (a beautiful turquoise ocean)a young girl is coaching me on how to use a surf board. I feel excited and not nervous at all. We are waiting to join a group of women for more coaching and discussion but I decide I can probably just start to do it. When the girl and I put our surfboards in the water the dream ends.

To dream of a surfboard symbolizes going with the flow of things or going along for the ride. Like cars and other vehicles, it is also a means of transportation. You can't really control where a surfboard goes, you just have to ride out the wave.

The ocean, like other bodies of water, is a symbol for one's emotions. Waves suggest turbulence while a calm sea represents tranquility. (See my other posts about water for more information).

The young girl symbol pops up in my dreams from time to time and I'm never sure if she is one of my daughters or a younger me. Whoever she is, she is a guide figure. Maybe she's helping me to get in touch with my inner child?

Crossing a street could represent putting yourself into harms way. In my dream I decided to forgo some of the safety equipment provided in order to cross by myself. Going down a street could mean you are headed in the wrong direction.

When I was at the beach I didn't feel like I was in the wrong place but maybe my dream was telling me that if I am headed in the wrong direction just to ride out the situation on my surfboard and trust my own inner wisdom to guide me.