Monday, October 28, 2019

Dreaming of a Name

In my dream I lived next door to a man. In real life, it was an old boyfriend, but in my dream he went by the name of Charles Lieberman. In the dream, he was more of a neighbour figure. He had a large house with a hot tub and a big tree. I knew I recognized him from before but I accepted him as this new, unknown person. He said, "Call me Chuck."

There have been a few times in my life where I have dreamt of a name. Usually, when I look it up, however, I can't see the connection. Sometimes it's a full name but other times all I get is an initial or the beginning of a name. (For example, E.... like Ed? Edward? Eric?)

Do Names in Dreams Have Meaning?

We know that in dreams things are never quite what they seem. An image of someone you think you know might actually stand for someone else. Or the person you see in dreams may be a composite of many different people. (When I dream of a man it will often switch between my ex-husband, my dad or a boyfriend and I take that to be "a male figure of importance".) So, it might not seem to matter what your dream image's name is. However, I feel like when the name is emphasized, like you can see it in writing, how it's spelled, that is an important aspect of the dream to remember.

Some Examples of Names in Dreams

Sometimes, names are given to you by someone in the dream. As seen in the photo above,  the angel Gabriel came to Joseph in a dream and told him to call Mary's baby Jesus. The name Jesus literally means rescuer or messiah. I would say the first step in deciphering what a name means, if it does not have an obvious connection to your life, is to look up the meaning of the name. There are all kinds of lists online that will give you some suggestions. Maybe the name in the dream is referring to a quality you or someone else embody? Like Audrey (bravery), John (grace), or Lucifer (the devil) for example.

Also, when a dream images introduces itself to you by name, that's important. The most well-known example that comes to mind is from The Christmas Carol where each ghost that visits Scrooge introduces himself by name -  "I am the Ghost of Christmas Past....". In the story, this helps to set the stage for Scrooge (and the readers) to give it context. And aren't dreams essentially just stories we are creating in our head to make sense of life?

Names give us, and other people, identity. If you dream that you or someone else has a different name, maybe that means the identity has changed or is in transition?

The Meaning of the Name

 I looked up the meaning of the word Charles - it means free man! (I guess that might means he's still single:) I love the urban dictionary definition of the name: "awesome, fucking awesomest person the world, attractive, smart, loyal, best friend you could ever have..." Sounds like the perfect neighbour, right? And the nickname he gave, Chuck, makes him even more so! Then I looked up the last name, Lieberman, which means dear or beloved. Wow, could this guy be any greater!

The reason I am writing this blog post is because when Googled the name I was given in the dream, Charles Lieberman if you remember, I was a little surprised to see what it said. The first person listed ended up being a famous ENT (ears, nose, throat) specialist in the States. This may not mean anything to anybody else but, since I have been struggling with undiagnosed ear issues for a couple of years now, I found it very interesting! I admit I was taken aback actually because my dream was not specifically about my ear issues nor I had even been thinking about them. It was kind of like a gift my dream gave me (so maybe dreams aren't just stories after all?).  I now need to explore this theme and the writings of the real C.L. further. Maybe my reading will lead me to find a cure for my condition? Or maybe I need to investigate the idea of hearing/not hearing more within the dream?   I will keep you posted!