Saturday, November 23, 2019

Dreaming of Mountains and Tunnels

Dream 1) I was up in the mountains somewhere in a different country. They were very steep and jaggedy - maybe like Peru or possibly Europe. There was a Mayan-type structure, golden that looked like a giant snake waterslide. A group of British teachers were going to ride on it as a form of protest.

Dream 2) I was looking for my class outside the school. There was a tunnel that I needed to slide down but the bottom opening was clogged with snow. I was afraid I would get stuck, but I managed to clear it with my feet. When I finally got out, I was at the bottom of a hill. It was an isolated area in a forest but there was a rustic cabin with two mountain-men out front fixing an old car. I had to run up the logging road to get back to school. 

Since I had these two dreams on consecutive nights, I knew the symbols of Mountains and Tunnels were important.

The Mountain Symbol

Mountain, as a symbol in dreams, is the archetype for overcoming obstacles. 

If you dream of climbing a mountain, you are overcoming obstacles, literally rising above. Standing at the top of a mountain means you achieved success. Conversely, descending a mountain is taking a step back, and you might have trouble reaching your goals.  The steepness of a mountain represents the degree of challenges you need to overcome. (i.e. flat mountains relatively easy going versus sharp points).

Traditionally, mountains were seen as representing closeness to heaven, spiritual enlightenment and elevation. Hermits, those seekers of truth and knowledge, frequently inhabited mountain peaks. In Chinese tradition, mountains were viewed as a symbol of the peace that comes through meditation.

The Tunnel Symbol

In my dream, the tunnels were slides, reminiscent of a game of snakes and ladders (in the first dream the tunnel was in the shape of a snake - see my post Dreaming of Snakes for interpretation of that symbol.) 

In dreams, tunnels take you deeper into the subconscious.  It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland falling through the rabbit hole. There is a loss of control of reality when you fall through a tunnel.

Psychologically, it could represent going through the birth canal so literally a rebirth.

If you can see light at the end of the tunnel, it means you will emerge to positive outcomes but if something is blocking the tunnel, it could be a sign that you have fears or issues that are impending your way.

Like the mountain, tunnels are also a symbol of a obstacle dream. 

Interpretation of My Dream

I find it interesting that I had two prominent symbols of overcoming obstacles in both my dreams. Besides this aspect, it feels like the mountain represented my higher state while the tunnel took me down into the unconscious. I like the fact that I successfully made it to the top in both my dreams, even though the tunnel took me down, I managed to get back up. I take the dreams to be a message that I am going through some stuff that I will, ultimately, be able to overcome.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Beaver Moon - Full Moon Rituals

The Beaver Moon, so named because it was traditionally a time in North America when hunters set their beaver traps, happens in November each year. It is also known by the name, Frosty Moon, because of the drop in temperature.

Here is more Beaver Moon Information according to the Old Farmer's Almanac:

Full moons are a time when you can harness the moon's energy and shifts by letting go of what's no longer serving you. Full moons signify a time to release while new moons are a time to set intentions.


  • Light a candle. It doesn't seem to matter what colour candle you use. There are some beautiful handmade candles on Etsy that you could check out. 
  • Write out things you want to release on a piece of paper. Burn it. You could say an affirmation as you do it. This one is from @healingenergytools:

    •  "I now release the need for those things in m life that are not serving my highest good. I am not afraid to let go. In their place, I receive love, joy and abundance."

  • Clean up and throw out things that no longer serve you to make room and space in your life (literally out with the old and in with the new).

  • Take a bath with Himalayan Pink Salts to release energy. These salts will detoxify your body as well as gently soothe your muscles, promote circulation and contribute greatly to your general well being.
Full moons are excellent times to release what is no longer serving you. Here is the Full Moon Calendar for 2020 from Mad Witch Supplies so you can plan.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Using A Pendulum

Do you have a decision to make? Not sure how you're feeling about something? A pendulum might be a useful tool for you to use!

What Is A Pendulum?

A pendulum is a weight suspended from a pivot so it can swing back and forth under the influence of gravity. Objects that have a charm or stone attached to a chain or string are called pendulums and used as tools. It can be very ornate and beautiful, but people have also used basic materials, such as a string with a paper clip on it, successfully for centuries.

How Do You Use A Pendulum?

The idea behind the pendulum is that it responds to energy. So you would start by asking a question (that has a yes or no answer), charge it with giving you a response and observe what direction the pendulum will move. This will be your answer.

For example:

Question: Should I move to Cultus Lake? Turn clockwise for yes.

I hold my hand holding the pendulum by the chain over my other hand, the stone a few centimetres above. The stone slowly starts swinging, back and forth a bit and then settles on a direction and starts spinning clockwise, slowly at first and then strong and fast.

Answer: Yes

It is helpful to ask the pendulum a few easy to answer questions first to establish its own way of saying yes or no.

A pendulum can also be used in healing as it will respond to energy imbalances in the body. In my own experience, I held the pendulum over various parts of my body. It did not move until I reached my throat. Then it started turning clockwise like crazy and drew so close to my throat that I felt like it wanted me to swallow it! I have been told before that I have blockage in my throat chakra and I experience symptoms related to that.

Why Does it Work?

Similar to dowsing, the pendulum responds to the energy of the person holding it. I feel like it picks up on my own energy and feelings. So unlike a magic 8 ball or something, the stone doesn't hold the answers, you do. The stone is just telling you how you feel. As in the example above, maybe I really want to move to Cultus Lake.

Choosing A Pendulum

I had been interested in using a pendulum for awhile when I went into a metaphysical store and saw some made of a variety of materials from metal to wood to crystal. There were so many that I wasn't sure what to choose. The salesperson showed me how to use it and then said to try some out that I was drawn to. I was really drawn to a large diamond shaped green stone on a gold chain. As per the salesperson's suggestion, I asked it "Are you my pendulum?" and it said yes.  My advice would be to buy what you are instinctively drawn to.  As they say, "the pendulum chooses you".

Cautions in Using the Pendulum

As with using any tool, you don't want to become over reliant on it. I would not depend solely on the pendulum's answer in making decisions, especially big ones. You especially don't want to get into the habit of asking it questions for every little thing. I find if I use it too much it becomes very unreliable and almost silly.
If the pendulum is made of crystal you should probably clear or cleanse it before using it. There are some people who think that a pendulum is moved by spirits. While it actually can be used as a tool, like the Ouija board, to communicate with spirits, I think that used in the way I outlined above, it is pretty clear that it is responding to your own energy. But if it makes you feel scared or uncomfortable in any way, don't use it!

Monday, October 28, 2019

Dreaming of a Name

In my dream I lived next door to a man. In real life, it was an old boyfriend, but in my dream he went by the name of Charles Lieberman. In the dream, he was more of a neighbour figure. He had a large house with a hot tub and a big tree. I knew I recognized him from before but I accepted him as this new, unknown person. He said, "Call me Chuck."

There have been a few times in my life where I have dreamt of a name. Usually, when I look it up, however, I can't see the connection. Sometimes it's a full name but other times all I get is an initial or the beginning of a name. (For example, E.... like Ed? Edward? Eric?)

Do Names in Dreams Have Meaning?

We know that in dreams things are never quite what they seem. An image of someone you think you know might actually stand for someone else. Or the person you see in dreams may be a composite of many different people. (When I dream of a man it will often switch between my ex-husband, my dad or a boyfriend and I take that to be "a male figure of importance".) So, it might not seem to matter what your dream image's name is. However, I feel like when the name is emphasized, like you can see it in writing, how it's spelled, that is an important aspect of the dream to remember.

Some Examples of Names in Dreams

Sometimes, names are given to you by someone in the dream. As seen in the photo above,  the angel Gabriel came to Joseph in a dream and told him to call Mary's baby Jesus. The name Jesus literally means rescuer or messiah. I would say the first step in deciphering what a name means, if it does not have an obvious connection to your life, is to look up the meaning of the name. There are all kinds of lists online that will give you some suggestions. Maybe the name in the dream is referring to a quality you or someone else embody? Like Audrey (bravery), John (grace), or Lucifer (the devil) for example.

Also, when a dream images introduces itself to you by name, that's important. The most well-known example that comes to mind is from The Christmas Carol where each ghost that visits Scrooge introduces himself by name -  "I am the Ghost of Christmas Past....". In the story, this helps to set the stage for Scrooge (and the readers) to give it context. And aren't dreams essentially just stories we are creating in our head to make sense of life?

Names give us, and other people, identity. If you dream that you or someone else has a different name, maybe that means the identity has changed or is in transition?

The Meaning of the Name

 I looked up the meaning of the word Charles - it means free man! (I guess that might means he's still single:) I love the urban dictionary definition of the name: "awesome, fucking awesomest person the world, attractive, smart, loyal, best friend you could ever have..." Sounds like the perfect neighbour, right? And the nickname he gave, Chuck, makes him even more so! Then I looked up the last name, Lieberman, which means dear or beloved. Wow, could this guy be any greater!

The reason I am writing this blog post is because when Googled the name I was given in the dream, Charles Lieberman if you remember, I was a little surprised to see what it said. The first person listed ended up being a famous ENT (ears, nose, throat) specialist in the States. This may not mean anything to anybody else but, since I have been struggling with undiagnosed ear issues for a couple of years now, I found it very interesting! I admit I was taken aback actually because my dream was not specifically about my ear issues nor I had even been thinking about them. It was kind of like a gift my dream gave me (so maybe dreams aren't just stories after all?).  I now need to explore this theme and the writings of the real C.L. further. Maybe my reading will lead me to find a cure for my condition? Or maybe I need to investigate the idea of hearing/not hearing more within the dream?   I will keep you posted!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

What Does It Mean To Dream You Are Dead?

In my dream, I knew I was dead. I wasn't sure how it happened but I knew that I was. I was still on Earth though, living at home with my family, going to school, living my daily life, but not everyone could see me. Those that could seemed to know that I was dead but didn't seem too concerned or sorry about it. It sucked for me though. I felt isolated and upset that I was dead and there was nothing I could do about it. One bonus was that I was able to sneak into a concert because the bouncer couldn't see me!

Having a dream when you see yourself dead or dying is understandably scary. Often, people are frightened that the dream is precognitive and it might be a foreshadowing of their own death. However, the symbol of death can be figurative, and doesn't necessarily have to be interpreted literally. As Carl Jung states, "when it is a dream of death, the dream speaks another language".


Death As A  Symbol In Dreams

Literally, death is the end of something. It can be the end of a life, but it could also be the end of a relationship or a life stage.

Usually, the idea of death in your dream will be a symbol. The grim reaper (Check out my post about Dreaming of A Dark Hooded Figure) a black dog, etc. are all examples of traditional death symbols in dreams. Traditionally, these would represent or foretell a bad event.


The Psychological Interpretation

Psychologically speaking, dreaming of death is not always a bad omen. It can even signify a new era in your life. It can be a way that your mind is preparing itself for change or exploring the idea of death. It is always important to interpret dreams within the context of one's own life. Dreams are not only made up of symbols but also can reflect the current events happening in the life of the dreamer.

Interpretation of the Dream

In the case of the dream above, the dreamer had just attended the funeral of an acquaintance who had died relatively young, so she obviously had the idea of death and dying on her mind. As well, she had just bought her first car, and was going into her last year of high school which definitely signifies a new stage of life and the end of an old one (childhood). The feelings she had in the dream about not being seen by everyone and feeling isolated could reflect the feelings she was having in her waking life as she goes through this transitional time.

In The Hidden Meaning of Dreams, Craig Hamilton Parker suggests three questions to ask yourself if you see yourself dead in your dream:
1) What is being expressed in the dream? Your dream might point out that you are afraid of death or the means of death in the dream.
2) Are you trying to free yourself from something? This would suggest leaving your old self behind.
3) Do you feel suicidal? If so, it might be expressing this feeling in the dream. Talking to someone you are close to or a counsellor can help you cope with these feeling.

Other posts about dreaming of death you might be interested in:

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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Dreaming of Spiders

Just as I was waking up from a dream this morning, I had a sudden image of a large, yellow and black striped spider perched on my left hand. It was really large - like almost the size of my hand, with a small body and huge spindly legs. Surprisingly, though, I wasn't afraid, but rather, very intrigued. It was quite beautiful.

Like dreaming of snakes and rats (see other posts here), dreaming of a spider can be really frightening. Spiders are an image that usually scares people. Of course it depends on your own preference and experiences with spiders. While some dream images are universal in meaning, they are always coloured by your own personal interpretation of what that image means to you.

If we look at the aspects of spiders in real life, that can also give us some insight into what the symbol meant in our dreams. For example, a spider is a predatory and efficient hunter. It is also a creator of beautiful and intricate webs that require much patience to weave.

Spiders As An Image of Fear

Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders and may have its origins in the legitimate human fear of spiders that are poisonous.

Spiders As An Image of Good Luck

Since Medieval times, dreaming of spiders has been seen as an omen of good luck signifying the coming of prosperity and fortune.

The Spider's Web

Interestingly, we use the term "caught in a web of lies" or "she's spinning a web of lies" to illustrate when someone is being deceitful. It could also represent that you are feeling entangled or trapped. It is possible if you are dreaming of a spider in a web, it suggests this is going on in your life. On the positive side, the web can be seen as form of perfection and protection.

Freud's Interpretation of Spiders

Freud saw the spider image (a mother who poisons and devours her victims or even her own children) as a representation of the mother who devours her own children through possessiveness and guilt. The spider image does represent feminine creative energy.

Interpretation of My Dream

Because of the positive feelings I had about the spider in my dream, I prefer to think of it as a good omen. I am also paying attention to the other symbols in the dream. For example, the spider being on my left hand side (the more logical side of your brain), and my hand suggests receiving something.
As well the colours in the dream were striking to me - yellow means and black striped. As a positive image, yellow can represent hope and happiness while black can mean strength. Both colours also have negative connotations too though. I found a picture online similar to the one in my dream. A yellow and black striped garden spider can be found in my area. Looking at all this information, I interpret this dream to simply be a powerful symbol of good things to come.


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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Dreaming of a Tsunami

                                                 Photo by Cristian Vazquez from Pixbay

I'm at school teaching a small group of students. We hear there is going to be a Tsunami so we all head home. My dad/boyfriend/ex (not sure who it is because it keeps changing) is driving me home to our house which is an older style (not really my house). As I look out the left window, I see a Tsunami churning at the bottom of the street. I tell my dad that we have to go up to the second floor. He is resists this idea but eventually we do. I still think we need to go even higher, like to the roof of the house because I can see the water has risen all the way up our house. 
It's the next day and the water has receded. We are outside. The house is soggy and damp but still intact. I wonder if all the school people are okay.

Tsunami Symbol

I have never dreamt of a tsunami before. Generally, this symbol represents repressed feelings or emotions. In my dream, the tsunami was churning which is a good way to describe emotions (the churning feeling in your stomach). In reality, a tsunami is a large, catastrophic event that can cause a lot of damage.

Meaning of the Left Side in Dreams

In my dream, I looked out the left window of the house to observe the tsunami. In dreams, the symbol of a house represents yourself and different rooms mean various things (see articles Dreaming of a House, Dreaming of a House Surrounded By Water, Dreaming of a House, Basement and Hell). When you look to the left side you are perhaps looking at things from a different angle (versus the RIGHT side). On the other hand, the left side of the brain is commonly regarded as the more logical, rationale way of thinking.

Meaning of the Second Floor

Again to do with the House symbol (see above), the second floor represents your higher self, whereas the first or ground floor deal with more basic needs. In my dream, I felt the need to go to this higher place in order to be safe. I had difficulty convincing my dad to do this. After the water reached the second floor I wanted to go even higher. The Roof Symbol suggests ambition (climb to the top) as well as heightened awareness.

School Symbol

Because I am a teacher, I often dream of a school so for me the general symbol of school being a place to learn is also a place of stress, feelings of inadequacy, anything that would generally be related to a job. (You can read more about the school symbol in Naked Teacher Dreams, Dreaming of Being Stabbed and Dreaming of Birds). In this dream, I would see the school symbol first of all, as symbolizing this is a dream where I will learn something important, and second, representing my regular, every day life.

Symbol of the Male Figure

In my dream, the male figure changed from being my boyfriend/ex-husband then finally settling on being my father. The male symbol in my dreams usually means a person judging me. As well, it could suggest the opposite to my feminine side, a more rational way of thinking. Because my father has also passed away, I take dreams involving him to have a special message for me. (See Dreaming of the Dead).

The Interpretation

You can see that this was a dream with many different symbols that contributed to its overall meaning. I know from past interpretations of dreams, that some of the symbols have a unique meaning to me, while others are more general. The message I take from this dream is to be prepared for an event that will cause me some emotional turmoil. In order to face this and have a good outcome, I need to look at it from a different and higher perspective, in fact, the highest consciousness I can.