Thursday, August 6, 2015

Dreaming of Kites

I am flying through the air on a kite. My body is the frame, my arms are tied to the corners of the kite but I don't feel bound. I love the feeling of soaring. It is a beautiful, sunny day. When I look down I can see that a man is holding the string attached to the kite, essentially flying me. It's okay, I'm not worried. Then another man takes over. He and his friend laugh as he unspools the string so I go higher and higher into the sky. Now, I'm worried as I look down to the ground. I am way too high, I don't like the feeling. I convince the man to let me down. I land safely on the ground.

Usually, people dream of flying kites themselves. This kind of dream deals with feelings about new pursuits or ventures. You are in control. If the kite crashes to the ground, this may indicate that things won't turn out well. If the string breaks, your venture may not be under your control anymore.

Kites usually represent a playful time in childhood with positive connotations.

It seems to be a variation of a flying dream. In these dreams you feel euphoric, like you can overcome anything. But in contrast, To dream of flying on a kite suggests that something comes with strings attached. Someone is literally pulling the strings behind the scenes. You are not in control.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Dreaming of a Hotel


I'm in an expensive city hotel. In my room there are girls I went to high school with. Some of them are in the jacuzzi that is in the middle of the room. I feel insecure and judged.

While dreaming of a house suggests exploration of your inner psyche, dreaming of a hotel can represent occupation with your external more public self. It could mean you desire an escape from yourself or that you are in, or wish to be in, a more unsettled, temporary situation.

The condition of the hotel you dream about could shed some more light on the meaning of your dream. If your hotel is chic and expensive you could be desirous of these things in your life. Whereas, a hotel in an old, or dilapidated condition could represent unhappiness with your material possessions.

Hotels are public places and in your dreams will usually be populated with people in your life, ranging from family members to acquaintances, to strangers you may have seen. In my dream above, being in a hotel room with classmates from high school gives me an opportunity to sort out feelings of insecurity I might have in my daily life.