Sunday, September 2, 2018

Dreaming of a Dark Cloud

In my dream, I am part of a Chinese family. There is a mom, dad, two younger kids and a grandma. We have come out of our apartment in the city and we are running down the street. The streets are crowded with others doing the same thing. I can see there is a dark, ominous cloud moving towards the city and threatening to blanket it. The dad can sense our worry. He looks up at the cloud, shrugs and says, "So what if the cloud separates us. You will make new friends wherever you go." I felt reassured then.
Photo by Lynn Grayling

Cloud Symbols in Dreams

 Cloud symbols in dreams usually represent feelings. For example, a fluffy white cloud can symbolize happiness while an ominous, dark cloud can represent feelings of oppression.

Dark Clouds As Images of Bad Luck

Traditionally, dark clouds and rainy days were seen as bad omens. For instance, getting married on anything but a sunny day would foretell of bad luck for the marriage. In real life, you might be feeling, literally, that you are living "under a dark cloud" of bad luck.

Dark Clouds Representing Feelings of Oppression

Sometimes in cartoon strips, a depressed character is seen with a dark, scribbly cloud over them in a bubble. Dark clouds can represent feelings of depression, oppression and apprehension that the dreamer has in waking life. The predominate image in this dream for me was the dark cloud. In my dream I felt like it meant that something bad was coming.

The Sun Breaking Through

If you dream of dark clouds but then in the dream the sunshine breaks through, this would be considered a good omen. It could represent that you will be able to break through whatever you are dealing with in real life. It connotes feelings of hope about a situation.

Although the sun didn't break through in my dream, the reassuring words of the father figure did. I took it to mean that while there might be trouble coming, I would be okay no matter what happened.

An interesting side note is that lately I have been reading about the Tao Te Ching so that's probably why the Chinese family and father figure sage with his wise Tao-like advice made an appearance:)