Monday, January 30, 2023

Dreaming of Emeralds

 In my dream I’m talking with my boyfriend. He just received an inheritance. He says that he is going to buy his ex-wife an emerald. I am angry. “You’re buying her an emerald when all you got me for Christmas was pajamas!” 

Is Dreaming Just Thinking?

Some people think that when you dream you are just thinking about things that happened in real life. In this dream, a few things do reflect my life - my boyfriend is going to receive some money and he did buy me pajamas for Christmas! He does have an ex-wife with whom he has an amicable  relationship but not exceptionally close. It’s not a relationship I’d be jealous of, nor would he feel he has to give her anything. So, why did my mind add that twist to a real life situation? What does the symbol of an emerald mean?

Throughout the ages, the emerald has been revered and used for magical purposes. 

Emerald as a Symbol of Prosperity

In ancient and medieval times, the emerald was seen as symbol of wealth. Nobility used it in jewelry and kings and queens wore them in their crowns. Giving an emerald ring to someone meant you were sharing your wealth. Emeralds are used today, as they have been in the past, for protection as well as manifestation.

Emerald as a Symbol of Love

In Ancient Mythology, the emerald was associated with the goddess Venus. It was a symbol of love and fidelity making it the perfect gemstone used in wedding rings. In addition to romantic partnerships, the emerald was also said to promote honesty and loyalty in business partnerships.

Emerald as a Symbol of Health 

In Metaphysics, the emerald is associated with the heart chakra and its corresponding colour green. It is used to open that chakra and renew health. Wearing an emerald on the ring finger of the right hand improves the circulatory system between the brain and heart. 


So what does my dream mean? Does it mean that I want or am jealous of the kind of committed relationship my boyfriend had with his ex? Is it a foreshadowing of where his true commitments lie? One interesting note is that my dream occurred after I had been meditating on my chakras, specifically my heart as I’ve been having health issues with that area. I wasn’t thinking about the colour green and that it was associated with emeralds. In this case it would have been a great gift if he had given that emerald to me! I’m going to have to think about this dream some more, but now I want to go out jewelry shopping!

Friday, December 30, 2022

Dreaming of a Broken Floor

 I am in my current house in the living room but it looks a bit different. There is a space between the couch and the window. I notice one of the floorboards is discoloured a sort of moldy  green. I kick it and the floor opens up to the basement below. Through the gaping hole I can see it is actually a small crawl space but there are beautiful hardwood floors covered by a foot of clear water. I am afraid there might be rats. I warn my daughter who is a little girl and think that I will have to tell my boyfriend to fix it (add to the list of other house related repairs he has to do). 

Dreaming of a House

The house symbol is one which figures prominently in my dreams. It stands for the psyche, different rooms relate to different parts of yourself. For example, while dreaming of a bedroom suggests your intimate/sexual life, dreaming of a living room is related to your social self. The living room is a place where people come together, social interactions  take place and it reflects the way others see you. I think that my dream has to do with my living arrangements.

Dreaming of a Window

A window is a symbol for the way you view the world. It actually is the object for doing so. In my dream I wasn’t looking out the window but I noticed it was there, I think it was telling me to “look” at this situation.

Dreaming of the Floor

The floor is literally the ground you stand on so the the condition of it reflects your feelings. Is it smooth, easy to walk on, or is it bumpy and rough? In my dream it was flooring, not unlike what I actually have in my living room, but I noticed one of the boards was discoloured, moldy even. This suggests that there is something wrong with my current situation that could potentially get worse ((mold spreads after all). The floor actually breaks (the ground or structure my relationship is built on) and reveals another room below.

Dreaming of a Basement

In dreams, the basement of a house is a symbol for the subconscious. What do you have buried under the facade of yourself? Hidden things are kept there. So underneath my current situation, it looks like there is a small space I didn’t know was there. It had beautiful flooring but covered with water. The condition of water matters in the dream, if it was muddy it would be obscuring something but in this case it’s clear, again like the window, inviting me to look through and see what’s there. I am afraid of rats (the potential of something unpleasant) but they actually aren’t there.

People in Dreams

the little girl looked so much like my daughter I thought it was her in the dream but it could actually be a symbol for my younger self (inner child) playing the role of a guide. I wanted to protect her in the dream. 

I knew I had to tell my boyfriend about the broken floor. I think this  means that I need to talk to him (in real life) about the problems I am starting to see in our relationship. 


I thought this was a cool dream, very much applicable to my life. The message was clear and to the point - I need to confront an issue in my living arrangement.  This will uncover the potential of something hidden within me. I have to honour my inner child self by taking action.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Dreaming of an Avalanche

 I am inside a lodge in the mountains.  Suddenly,  I see small but sharp spears of snow coming through the walls towards me, moving in slow motion. The walls sort of cave in but then fix themselves. I know there has been an avalanche. I go outside to look and see drifts of snow banked against the outside of the lodge.But we are all okay.

Avalanche Symbol

An avalanche is usually seen as a destructive force of nature. It is dangerous and unpredictable… you could die! But sometimes avalanches are purposely caused by the workers on the mountains as a preventative measure. 

Snow Image

Snow is made of water and in many of my previous dreams, the state of water mirrors my emotional space. Snow is frozen water which indicates “frozen” or pent up feelings. In the dream I see “sharp spears” of snow which sounds dangerous and threatening. The avalanche image suggests that these feelings come rising out in a destructive, uncontrollable manner.

The Lodge

A lodge is like a hotel which also features as a symbol in my dreams. I see it as a social space which deals with the way I perceive I am viewed by others, in this case my family relationships perhaps. In the dream the walls seem to cave in from the avalanche but then they “fix” themselves. If I put this in the context of my family relationships, this emotional outburst or turmoil has the potential to threaten the family structure and my relationships but they will be repaired.

At the end of the dream I go outside and although I see the remnants of the avalanche aftermath, “we are all okay”. This dream will help me to navigate any problems that come up in my family life in the future. 

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Dreaming of a River

Dream #1) I am with my ex-boyfriend in a muddy river floating. Another girl is there flirting with him. He is telling me all about his dating life, being very passive about it, just floating along... I feel possessive of him but know that he wants to be with someone else.

Dream #2) I realize I have just bought a house on a swollen and flowing river for 1.2 million dollars. I feel regret and worry that I'm too impulsive.

Dreaming of Water

Dreaming of water in general is not unusual for me. I see water as a significant symbol when it appears in my dreams.  The state of the water is often a key to your dream. Calm and smooth meaning easy times ahead, whereas rough and choppy waters reflect that things may be tough as will your emotional state. 

Dreaming of a River

In contrast to other bodies of water, a river really represents the idea of flow. An ocean is powerful, moving with tides while a lake is generally calm and contained. In all the the dreams I've had about rivers, a key symbol is the idea of movement. In my dream, River Rafting in a Convertible, I used words like chutes and rapids. In the first dream above, I said I was "floating" on the river and it was which implies it was calm, albeit "muddy" while in the second dream the river was "swollen" and "flowing". The words that you use to describe the river in your dreams can represent your emotional state.

Muddy Water

Seeing muddy water in your dream can literally mean that you aren't seeing a situation clearly or have unclear feelings about it. This rings true for my first dream where I did, in fact, have mixed feelings about my ex and our situation.

House Symbol

The second part of my dream featured a house. A house symbol usually represents yourself, your psyche. In my dream I feel regret buying a house in a less than ideal/risky location and spending too much on it. I feel like this means I regret putting myself in a precarious situation (probably having to do with my previous relationship) and it “cost” me a lot. 

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Monday, December 26, 2022

Dreaming of Swimming in Turquoise Water

 I am at a beach that is on a peninsula (surrounded by water on three sides). One side of the beach is better than the other, I am on the wrong side. The water is clear and turquoise in colour. I was by myself so I went swimming. I dove down and swam under water for awhile, it felt freeing and fun! When I came to the surface I was surprised to find I was in the hotel pool. My family joined me and we made plans to go paddleboarding on the other side of the island. I was a bit afraid there might be sharks there though.

Water Image

In dreams, water is both a common and powerful symbol. Just like in waking life, water in dreams takes many forms from rivers to lakes, tsunamis to sinks. Each particular image suggests a different meaning. The state of the water is often a key to your dream. Calm and smooth meaning easy times ahead, whereas rough and choppy waters reflect that things may be tough as well your emotional state.

Water can represent a cleansing force. Being submerged under water is like a baptism. When you come out you are like new.  It can be a very spiritual image.

Symbolism of the Colour Blue

Colours often serve as symbols in dreams. The colour blue generally represents peace, tranquility and wisdom. Of course,  the colour blue can come in a variety of shades, each bringing a particular meaning. Turquoise water, the hue of blue in my dream, is clear and calming. Diving into and swimming through this shade of water, I feel,  means I was seeking and experiencing clarity. 

Swimming Image in Dreams

Swimming is a way of moving through life, like crawling or running. Each action suggests a different feeling about the way you are moving. To me, swimming feels fun and free. To someone else who maybe can’t swim or has had a bad experience in water, it might suggest a different state of mind. Being submerged in water is like going back to the womb, that safe space where our life began.  Swimming in the ocean, versus a river or lake suggests our primordial roots, they say where all life began. In my dream then, I really feel that swimming in the ocean suggests getting in touch with my original authentic self. 

Hotel Image

In the middle part of my dream I popped up from that spiritual experience in a hotel pool which suggests a more public and social place, kind of getting back to real life. I have had dreams of hotels before and they usually serve as a symbol of social interactions and often judgement.

Conclusion of the Dream

In the final scene of the dream my family and I make plans to go to paddleboarding on the other side of the island. I do paddle board in waking life so that would not be an unusual activity for me. The “other side of the island” suggests venturing into the unknown and I’m a little afraid of what we might encounter there. This does relate to a situation in my life right now where I’m contemplating moving and changing jobs. Even though this dream didn’t provide me with any answers about that, it did reflect the process I am going through, or rather I should go through, taking a “deep dive” into contemplation before I make the move.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Images of the Annunciation


Christmas is a season that has many iconic symbols - the tree  and star just to name a few. However, many painters throughout the ages used particular images to covey meaning in their works depicting the Annunciation. Contemplating these paintings and the symbols depicted can aid in appreciating and understanding this miraculous event.

The Annunciation fresco by Joseph Erns Tunner (1830) in church Chiesa della Trinita dei Monti.

Symbol of the Book

In all of these paintings, Mary is shown close to a book or holding one. The assumption is that she has been reading. This symbol indicates that Mary was open to receiving knowledge and if we, like Mary, are actively seeking wisdom and truth, we also will be open to receiving divine messages and blessings.

Jacques Yverni (fl.1410–1438), The Annunciation, c.1435

Symbol of the Barrier

You can see in the paintings posted that the artists enclosed Mary within a barrier of some kind, a structure or a wall. This symbolizes her virginity (she hasn’t been touched) and also  the barrier between heaven and earth. The angel is not able to come into direct contact with Mary or us but there is communication between the other world through that invisible veil.

The Annunciation to Mary – Lily and Violet, Holly Schaptker

The White Lily Image 

Throughout the ages, the white lily has been a symbol of purity. It symbolizes Mary’s virginity and also serves as a visual barrier between her and the angel. Virginity is an important symbol in the story of Jesus’ birth because it emphasized that the Christ child was holy, both human and divine, born miraculously. 

The Annunciation Sandro Botticelli

Symbol of the Angel

The angel image is a messenger from God. The angel Gabriel in particular who came to Mary, features in biblical stories as God’s messenger, a middleman between man and the divine. In the annunciation story he tells Mary that she will conceive a child through the Holy Spirit. 


I find it fascinating how different artists throughout the ages have used similar symbols to depict the Annunciation. Contemplating the images within each painting leads to a richer meaning and understanding of the story. 


I found a great deal of inspiration and information from The Soul of Christmas, Thomas Moore (2016)

Monday, November 16, 2020

Dreaming of Rabbits


It's my birthdayI take a cake out of a box. It blows up into a huge, pink bunny. 

I was in my childhood house. My cat changed into a small, white rabbit with red eyes. I had learned a spell to change her back but couldn't remember the right magic word.  So, my cat was this sad, white rabbit hopping around my parents' backyard. I didn't want to lose her.

Dreaming of Animals in General 

Animal symbols in our dreams can symbolize many things. Sometimes, an animal can represent a totem animal or spirit guide. (See Dreaming of A Bear), Animals in dreams can also exhibit qualities about ourselves or others that we might want to investigate further. Recurring animals dreams (See Dreaming of Rats) could happen in order to get our attention and can relate to phobias. 

Psychological Meaning

Freud, of course, saw animal dreams connecting to your sexual nature. Humans have tended to think of animals representing our most base, primitive selves. Carl Jung noted that animals in dreams symbolize our instincts. 

 Symbolism of Animals in Dreams

If you dream about an animal, you should then look at the symbolism of the particular animal. This includes universal symbolic meaning as well as what that animal personally means to you (i.e. Did you have a rabbit as a beloved pet? Or were you bitten by a wild rabbit as a child? ). How you feel about your dream symbol contributes greatly to your dream meaning.

Rabbit Symbol Meanings

A Rabbit has a few different symbolic meanings. The first ones are related to the general characteristics of a rabbit.

  • fertility and sexual activity
  • warmth 
  • shyness or timidity
  • hopping (as in hopping from one thing to the next - not staying put)
  • loyalty
There are also universal symbols associated with the rabbit.
  • good luck omen (the lucky rabbit's foot)
  • magical power (the magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat)
  • success is coming
  • a good omen for love

Why is the Rabbit Considered Lucky?

There is no definitive answer to how the tradition of carrying a rabbit's foot came about or saying "rabbit rabbit" to bring you luck. One thought is related to the old tradition of carrying a dead criminal's  hand as a powerful charm or amulet, "The Hand of Glory" (obviously rabbits' feet would be easier to get than dead criminals' hands!) Additionally, the rabbit's foot might correspond to the good event connected to the place it was taken from (i.e. the location of a battle won). 

Does Colour Matter?

Colour does matter in dreams, as different colours have different meanings. In my case, I think the fact that the rabbit was white was significant. For one thing, it reminds me of the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland who served as a guide for Alice on her adventures. White also represents purity. Red in dreams signifies passion or war but a white rabbit with red eyes is actually an albino rabbit so I don't think the colour of the eyes in this case in significant. It was just a common rabbit type.

Phrases Related to Rabbits

Sometime there are sayings or phrases that literally relate to your dreams. Some common ones that relate to rabbits are:

  • Going down the rabbit hole  - being led somewhere or deep diving into the unknown
  • Pulling a rabbit out of a hat - you were lucky
  • As mad as a March hare - crazy
  • Going at it like rabbits - self explanatory:)

Interpretation of My Dreams

These dreams happened on different days. In the first dream, I take the fact that the dream was about my birthday to interpret the rabbit as a good sign for luck in the next year. Big luck! (related to the big size of the rabbit).

In the second dream, there are many factors contributing the to interpretation. First, where the dream takes place: my childhood home. A childhood home can represent your past (See Dreaming of a House).  Secondly, my cat. I see my cat representing a spiritual guide (See Dreaming of Cats). I was uncomfortable about her transforming into a rabbit and the magic involved in that. It did not seem she was happy with being a rabbit and I was afraid to lose her. So, while the image of the white rabbit represents luck coming, maybe I feel like it will not be within my control or that I have to control it somehow? Lots to think about. I should try going back into the dream and seeing where the white rabbit might take me. 

"Depend on the Rabbit's Foot if you will, but remember it didn't work for the rabbit!" - R. E. Shay