Sunday, February 12, 2012

Driving a Car, Road Conditions, Near Death Experience

In my dream I was driving my car by myself. I was headed up a mountain but there was a traffic jam. The people in the car in front of me rolled down their windows. The car was filled with women I had been acquainted with in my past. They warned me that the road was icy. I didn't know that. But when I tried to turn my car around I spun in circles on the road. I couldn't get control and I thought for sure I was going to go over the edge of the road and into the water below. I was prepared to die. I felt like a part of my soul left my body and then I felt calm and accepting of whatever happened to me. I noticed that I was again driving straight down the road but the other cars were coming towards me.I was concerned that I was in the wrong lane but then the other cars started to drive the same way as me and I felt good about that, relieved.

According to various dream dictionaries, a car represents our own personal space and the one who is driving it symbolizes who has control in our life. (I have dreamed before of driving with my spouse or my mom at the wheel).

A road represents the conditions of our journey. That in my dream the road was icy means that I am facing difficult conditions. Obviously, I felt unable to control these conditions in my dream (and in my real life situation).In other dreams, I have experienced an uphill road, a winding path, the road conditions mirror the challenges we are having in our waking life.

I have experienced the sensations of my "near death experience" in dreams before as well as real life. It is a strange feeling of a part of my body (my soul I guess) coming out and then a feeling of peace and calm. I think it is surrendering to the circumstance. (Like being unable to control a car in real life as well as in the dream).I don't see it as a prophesy for death in any way.

In my dream I end up "going against the flow" of traffic. This very much mirrors my real life where I feel I have to make a decision or follow a path that may be unpopular with most people. It is interesting to me that the traffic then changed to go my way. This makes me feel hopeful that people will come around to my point of view and everything will work out okay.

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