Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dreaming of Eating Hair

photo by outofmytree

I am working in a hair salon. I pick up clumps of cut hair off the floor and stuff them into my mouth (it is blond like mine). I'm trying not to let the other hairdresser see me because I'd be slightly embaressed if I was caught. I'm thinking, "I must have some kind of nutrient deficiency if I need to eat this hair".

The two main symbols in this dream are HAIR and EATING.

To dream of eating often means you need, or have an appetite for, that thing you are stuffing into your mouth.

Hair is a symbol of sensuality, sexuality or virility. In my dream I am trying to take in that part of me that has been cut off.

A hairdresser is actually a job that wields a lot of power over people (and in men's dreams is tied to a fear of castration!) In my dream I was embaressed to be seen expressing my need for hair to this person.

I think this dream is pretty explicit and the fact that I basically commented on the meaning of the dream in my dream emphasizes it - I need to reincorporate sensuality back into my life because it has been lacking. Okay then:)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dreaming of a House Surrounded by Water: Interpreting Dreams with Multiple Symbols

I am at a friend's house. It is small, box-shaped and white. It's floating on the ocean which looks like the Mediterranean Sea - the water is so blue and the sky is bright and sunny.Inside the house is my friend and her family, two young boys. I am slightly concerned that the water reaches the base of the house but one boy tells me not to worry - it's always like that and the water has never gone into the house.

This dream combines two of my favourite dream symbols- a house and water. It's actually a good example of the way that dreams often contain a combination of symbols which can influence the way you interpret them.

I have often received comments, especially on my post Dreaming of A Frog, where people will tell me their specific dream that contains the frog symbol and then ask "What does it mean?" Well, individual symbols having general meanings but they have to be interpreted within the context of the dream, as well as your own experience.

For example, as I've mentioned in other posts, water as a symbol can have several meanings. Rough water indicates turmoil while smooth water indicates peace and healing.

In my dream the water was slightly ripply, expansive (it stretched out to the horizon) and it was a beautiful shade of blue. Blue usually represents wisdom, truth and tranquility.

A house symbolizes the inner structure of your soul/self. A small, white boxy house could feel claustrophobic but I felt safe and contained. White can be a symbol of truth, knowledge and new beginnings. This makes sense in the light that it's my friend's house - a person I knew from school who seems to always appear in my dreams as a spiritual/wisdom guide. The Mediterranean could also be a symbol representing wisdom because of the connection with Ancient Greece.

Finally, the symbol of the young boys which I've discussed in a previous post. They also appear in my dream as guides, but rather the kind that point me to adventure and reclaiming my youth.

So, taking all these symbols into consideration, I think my dream was telling me that I may be feeling unsure of the path I'm on but it's good and I will be safe.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dreaming of Fire

photo by photozou

I hear the smoke alarm go off but don't pay attention. It's probably nothing. Then I go into my living room. I notice a burning smell and my cat is pacing around. I look at the fireplace closely and see that somehow burning embers have escaped from the fire grate and have landed all over the room. I'm afraid something will catch fire. When I pull the grate off I see that someone has put way too many logs in. I need to get them out.

Fire is one of the four elements, joining earth, water and air, which means that it is a natural force to be reckoned with.

In reality, it is the stuff of nightmares and fear but surprisingly tradional interpretations of the fire symbol are quite positive. For example, to dream of seeing your home burned means you have a loving family situation. It could also mean success and profit. Maybe that's why the saying "You're burning hot!" is a positive one.

Jung saw fire as a symbol of transformation and purification. Strong emotions or passion are associated with fire and these could be positive or negative (anger or love). Freud also saw fire as a symbol of passion but, of course, in a sexual sense. For example to dream of "poking a fire" represents sexual arousal.

Dreaming of a fire in a hearth represents security in your homelife, if it is contained.

In my dream, because I was concerned that the fire was growing out of control, the fire symbol may serve as a warning that my home life is not as secure as I thought and I'm trying to contain it. It is also a warning to me, to make sure in real life, that I turn off our electric fireplace when I leave the room. I don't want to "play with fire".

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dreaming of a Face

In my dream I am at a bright, white, outdoor clinic. I'm supposed to be getting my face lasered. I think the treatment is called "pixilate". I'm not entirely sure about this process or the price. The ladies there tell me it might be $125 or higher. I decided to go for it. They ask me if I'm allergic to peanuts because they will be putting a mixture on my face. I don't think I am but again not sure but just go along with the process. After the surgery I look at my face in the mirror. Nothing has changed - there are just as many brown spots as before. I'm slightly disappointed but am hopeful that my skin will become smoother with time.

While traditional interpretations suggest that seeing your own face in the mirror means you have a secret that will be discovered, or unhappiness - you might lose your marriage, future plans and the esteem of friends- I prefer the more psychological approach that suggests that
In dreams a face represents the persona you present to the world and not
necessarily your real self.

You might want to reflect on what this dream face is saying about you.

A dream face could show how you want to be seen. (This could be the case if your dream face looks more attractive than your usual one.)

You dream face could reflect how you feel. Look at the details for clues.
For instance:
scarred face = emotionally scarred
pimples = eruptive emotions
wrinkled forehead = worry

In my dream, it seems I am going somewhere to have my face fixed by professionals who seem to know what they're doing but I'm not entirely convinced. Interestingly, peanuts are a symbol for getting to the truth about something in order to reach your full potential.I guess these people were trying to help me.

So I see this dream as a reminder of my own potential for positive change and maybe I should accept the help of others to do this. And maybe I will also book myself in for a laser treatment to get rid of the dark spots on my face. Can't hurt, can it?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Dreaming of a Lake: Water Symbols and Healing Dreams

photo by MSVG - Michael Gil

In my dream I'm at a lake. Not in it - but I am doing things by it. In one scene, I am in a dormitory by the lake. There are twisty passages that a scrappy young girl leads me through. In another scene I am climbing up a vine covered cliff on the side of the lake. It is hard but I'm with a group of teenage girls who are encouraging me. In the final scene, I am in a golden, forest edged field on the side of the lake. I am playing a running game with some kids. I woke up from the dream feeling thankful and rejuvinated.

Water, in dreams, often stands as a symbol of your emotional state. While rapids or churning water can represent agitation, the still waters of a lake indicate calmness.

In Mythology, lakes are places of healing and spirituality. Both the Lady of the Lake of Arthurian legend, as well as the Greek sea nymph Thetis, were spiritual beings that inhibited the still waters and provided guidance to mortals who made the pilgrimage to see them.

When you dream of a lake you have the potential to access your source of power and deep emotional well being.In my dream, I do think the lake symbolized this and the adolescent girls were there as my guides.

What places in your dreams heal you? Leave me a comment below.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Numbers in Dreams

My daughter dreams she saw 19 bees flying around. They stung her 16 times on her ear.

I am on a boat, speeding down the river. In the water there are clumps of fish in groups of 3's. I scoop them up with a net.

I take an old clock into a shop to be fixed. The shopkeeper finds a key labelled #33 that will fit in the lock.

Sometimes numbers in dreams have a personal association to the dreamer. Pin codes, birthdates, and phone numbers could be an example of this.

When numbers figure prominently in our dreams we should pay attention because they are acting as a symbol. Throughout history, all cultures and religions have regarded numbers as symbols that can represent both inner qualities as well as universal ones.
If you are interested in the meaning of numbers, looking into Numerology, the study of Kabbalah, or Tarot all yield rich number meanings and associations.

Because this blog post is short I will just discuss the numbers in the dreams above and what they might symbolize:

- 19 suggests independence and overcoming struggles by standing up for yourself.
- 16 represents a struggle for freedom
- 3 sybolizes the union of body, mind and spirit
- 33 is a powerful master number which stands for personal wisdom and understanding

There are many online dream dictionaries that can tell you the meaning of numbers as well as paperback dream dictionaries. My favourite is The Dream Dictionary From A-Z by Theresa Cheung. What is key to remember is that when numbers figure in dreams, they can be an important symbol that can show you where you are at spiritually and what you may be feeling unconsciously. Share your own number dreams below.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dreaming of a Key

I am with a little blond girl in a castle. We are holding an ornately decorated diary but it is locked. I know I need to find a key to open it. I want to find out what it says.

I am in a clock repair shop. I have this long, old fashioned clock that needs to be repaired. The shopkeeper looks on the wall and finds a key that will fit the clock. It looks like a house key and has the number 33 on it.

A key unlocks things, so when it appears in a dream, it is a symbol for the same purpose. It could also mean the key or the solution to a problem. It is a symbol of freedom. Conversely, if the key doesn't fit the lock, it could mean that you need to find a different solution to your problem.

A diary, or journal, could be a symbol of my thoughts and dreams. So the key to my freedom (I was in a castle tower, maybe locked in) would be through my hopes and dreams.

A clock is a symbol for time. So in that dream the key could mean that the solution to my problems is time, giving it time. Or, since its was an old clock, maybe the solution lies in the past? Numbers are significant in dreams. Apparently, the number 33 is a Master Number which is a powerful symbol of wisdom and understanding.

Freud saw a key as a phallic symbol so the lock would symbolize the vagina. I think that's silly, but thought I should mention it anyways. Gustav Hindman Miller collaborates this view with his folksy interpretation of the key symbol: "If a young woman dreams of unlocking a door with a key, she will have a new lover and have overconfidence in him. If she locks a door with a key, she will be successful in selecting a husband." What would dreaming of a key mean for you?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Astral Projection

I am dreaming but I am suddenly aware that I am lying on a cold cement floor. This is not where I am supposed to be. I tell myself to get back into my body. I am aware that I am back in my bed under my covers.

My daughter often dreams that she finds herself lying in the middle of the road outside our house. She tells herself to get back in bed.

Astral Projection is one of the more controversial topics about dreaming. The idea is weird and scary to say the least; that is, the idea that we have two bodies, our physical one and our astral body. As seen in the picture above, the two are joined together by an invisible cord so when we sleep our astral body (some people say it is our soul) can travel to different places. We are conscious of this in our dreams. (Could also be referred to as an "out of body experience" or Dream Walking).

Some people believe this is a real phenomena and that you can actually learn to control where you go. Some people wake up in the morning with real marks on their body showing what happened in their dreams (i.e. in your dream you get stabbed with a knife in the stomach and in the morning you have a scratch in that place). Dream guru Robert Moss talks about these kind of experiences extensively in his blog if you are looking for more information.

Personally, I don't know if I believe this really happens or if it's just a trick of mind when we sleep. If it were real, it would be a cool way to time travel and experience things but I'm not convinced. I haven't had any definitive experiences myself with it. Apparently, the phenomena affects children more than adults.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone has anything else to say on this topic. Please comment below.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dreaming About Twins

In my dream I am startled by the appearance of twin little boys looking in my bedroom window. I am afraid they might break into my house so I shoo them away. Later on in my dream the same twin boys make another appearance. We are in a building (maybe a Sunday School classroom?) and they are chasing around with some other kids. They have dark curly brown hair and dark eyes. They are wild and mischievous but I'm not afraid of them like I was the first time although I am stressed that they are out of control.

Twins are an archetypal image dating back to ancient times. Most cultures (Vedic, Greek, Celtic) have similar stories about twin boys born to a mortal woman; yet one is fathered by a man and one by a god thus, one is mortal and one is immortal. In Greek mythology, these twins, Castor and Pollux, form the astrological symbol of Gemini. Long story short, the twins stand for patron saints of sailors, travellers, and athletes and often appear at a moment of crisis.

Carl Jung believed that the twin image symbolized two aspects of our personality. If they were not identical, that showed the conflict between the two, if they were, it showed harmony. In my dream the twins were identical.

Sometimes a little boy shows up in my dreams and he has a similar look to the twins - dark brown hair, eyes and complexion. He is very precocious but also serves as a guide of sorts for me. I think of him as my little "animus" (the male aspect of my personality). The qualities of a little boy - curious, carefree, wild, may be something I am struggling with integrating into my personality. "Come out and play" or something like that.

So, my dream...the fact that there were twin boys this time and the way they appeared to me makes me think that I really need to pay attention to them. I do feel like I am shouldering a lot of responsibility right now so maybe I am struggling with that subconsciously. I like the idea that they could be appearing in a time of crisis to help me.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dreaming of a Piano

In my dream I was standing in a white walled, white floored empty room. It was a store or something I was renovating. Someone had given me a white baby grand piano. I was pleasantly surprised because I always wanted a grand piano, although the one I wanted was actually black. Some workers, who were also dressed in white, tried to lower the piano into the room from the ceiling with a crane. The piano crashed to the floor. I was relieved to find that the only thing that was broken was a sheet of glass that covered the keyboard called a "tuner". I supposed I could still play it anyways although it wouldn't be in tune.

I have played the piano since I was four but I think this is the first piano dream I have ever had. For me to read that the piano is a symbol for creativity definitely makes sense.

The background of white represents a fresh start or a blank canvas on which to express my creativity.

It was interesting that when the piano crashed the only thing broken was a glass sheet that would not normally belong to the piano. Glass is usually a symbol for a barrier, in this case, a barrier to my creativity? Something that I thought was necessary to be "in tune" was actually not?

I like this dream. I felt it was really affirming of my creative life.

Friday, August 24, 2012

"Checking on My Car": Recurring Dreams

(image by Andrew Curtis)

My friend just told me about a recurring dream he was having. In it, he is inside a house where he feels safe and comfortable. There are different groups of people in the house, friends from the present and past, people that he has known. But he is very concerned about his car that is parked outside in the street. The street is not safe and he obsessively checks the car over and over to make sure it's okay. He also said the dream is "sexually charged".

Recurring dreams usually happen where there is a situation in waking life that needs attention or needs to be dealt with and your unconscious mind will continue to prod you with the dream until you do!

Both a house and a car symbolize aspects of the self. A house reflects your soul (in this case a modest, comfortable, safe house). A car represents your personal space. In this dream, my friend is worried "his space" or his person will be taken from him. I discuss these symbols more in depth in the blog entries "Dreaming of a House" and "Driving a Car".

A street or road usually symbolizes the direction your life it taking. In the dream, the street felt unsafe so maybe the "road" (career path?) my friend is currently on is not a safe or wise one to be on. Maybe he is afraid that he will lose control of himself on it? This could also relate to the sexual feelings he has in the dream (ie. a lack of control)or maybe they are just there to stress the importance of the dream.

In my own dreams, whenever groups of friends appear, I always feel like they are there to judge me, but other people might see groups of people being supportive, helpful or a distraction. It depends on how you feel about them in the dream and in waking life.

A way to stop recurring dreams is to try to change some aspect of them while you are dreaming. My friend could try getting in the car and driving it to another place he felt was safe. (Maybe try parking it in the garage!) He could get one of his friends in the house to help him. Or he could imagine someone stealing the car. What would that do to the dream?

Another way to stop the dream would be to change something in his waking life situation. Maybe he needs to find a new job or change some goals or plans he's made.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dreaming of a Beard

image by WonderfullyStrange

In my dream I look into a mirror. As I lean in close I am surprised, and a little horrified, to see that my face is sprouting long blond hairs like a beard. I don't want anyone to see me like this so I try to pluck them out.

Beards have been an important symbol throughout history. Certain religions, like Islam, Judaism and the Amish, still place much importance on the beard; it is almost sacred. (see my article on the recent Amish Beard Cutting). In ancient times, almost every culture venerated the beard. It was seen as a symbol of masculinity, virility, prestige and wisdom.

In Islam,the beard image has a great deal of significance if it appears in dreams. A very comprehensive list can be found at myislamicdreams but here are a few interpretations:
- if a beard is proportional it means you will have a nice life, money and prestige
- if it is too long you will have money but not enjoy it
- if your beard is shaved off it means you will be poor
- plucking out the hairs of a beard means you are wasting money

If a woman (like me) dreams of having a beard, according to Islamic interpretation she will 1) never conceive or 2) have a boy 3) she will be ill or 4) her husband's wealth will increase or 5) her husband will be absent.

From more of a psychological perspective, since a beard is such a traditional symbol of masculinity, for a woman to dream of having one usually means she is getting in touch with her masculine qualities.

In dreams, seeing yourself in a mirror means you are looking at a true reflection. So for me to see myself with a beard might mean that I am displaying some masculine qualities like strength or ambition. Or I could invoke the beard image as a symbol of wisdom and say that maybe I am becoming wise. Plucking out the hairs of my beard could mean I am uncomfortable with these qualities in myself.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dreaming of Magic Beans

photo by IvanWalsh.com

In my dream I was holding a small, leather sack that contained white, magic beans. I dumped out the contents and sifted the beans through my hands. The bean that caught my eye had a message on it. It said, "Do it".

Everyone knows the fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk, right? A poor, foolish boy sells the family cow in exchange for some magic beans, which in return, provide him with the means to untold riches. The bean, traditionally, was seen as symbol that could be exchanged for food and clothing.

Dreams about food usually symbolize aspects of nourishment or appetite; however, the beans in my dream weren't for eating. They seemed to serve the purpose of runes - stones that have inscriptions and can be used for divination. Beans were, in fact, commonly used in Europe for this purpose. For example, an accused person would pick a bean from a bag: if it was black he was guilty, white he was innocent.

There are actual packages of magic bean wishes you can buy that contain a secret message that you will discover once they grow. That's kind of cool. So the idea that beans can give you a message isn't unusual, I guess.

I loved this dream because I had been waiting for a message or "sign" to address a particular problem I was facing. "Do it" could not have been a clearer answer.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Dreaming of Glass Windows

(image by Robert Peggy)

My friend told me of a dream she had recently, where her ex-boyfriend had built her a beautiful new house. But it was emtpy except for glass windows that he was very proud of installing.

In real life glass windows serve as a barrier between us and the world. In dreams they represent social barriers like caution, inhibition, pride and the fear of being hurt.

Glass that is opaque or not easy to see through could symbolize parts or yourself that you are keeping hidden from view of others.Jung believed that looking through glass windows that are transparent, allow us to see things that we cannot yet reach.

If you dream of glass breaking, it symbolizes breaking through barriers, represssion or even relationships.

Windows also serve as symbols in dreams. A closed window suggests a closed mind or situation whereas an open window implies a means of escape.

In the case of my friend's dream, I would think the symbol of glass windows suggests that the ex-boyfriend has put up some emotional barriers in their relationship which is preventing them from turning the house he has built into a home.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Dreaming of a Wedding

Photo by Peter J Bellis

Maybe it's the time of year or my time of life but I've been dreaming a lot of weddings. In my latest dream, I was in a small chapel with high ceilings. Everything was white. I was wearing a pale, pink dress. I realized, just before the ceremony was about to start, that I had forgotten to book any entertainment like musicians, but strangely I wasn't stressed out about it. I just thought matter of factly, "oh well, I can just do it myself."

Freud would say that dreaming of a wedding indicates wish fulfillment but others see weddings as symbols of relationships. That's why you can dream of marrying your mom or dad or some other totally inappropriate person. It's not something to be freaked out about, it just means you are thinking about your relationship with that person.

If you dream about a wedding, and you are about to get married in real life, pay attention to how you feel in your dream. Feelings of anxiety or panic could be unconscious feelings you have about the situation. The dream could be a warning to call off the wedding.

If the wedding doesn't seem related to real life relationships the wedding could be a symbol of unconscious romantic feelings you have towards the person you are marrying in the dream. A wedding could also be a symbol of a merger between two different ideas or aspects of yourself. Jung would say a wedding could symbolize the bringing together of masculine and feminine qualities in yourself (anima and animus).

If you are already married and dream of remarrying your spouse, the wedding could symbolize the need for a recommitment or change to your union. Dreaming that you are a best man or bridesmaid could mean you need to pay attention to feelings of jealousy or loneliness you are feeling towards the people getting married.

In traditional interpretations,dreaming of a wedding means a death in the family or a change in circumstances.

I see my wedding dream as being a symbol of a relationship with myself like Jung would suggest. My pink gown contrasting with the white chapel would suggest that maybe I am not as innocent and pure as I seem. Also, I realized that I could fill the role of the musical entertainment. This is an aspect of myself that I have been neglecting in real life.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Dreaming of an Ex

(photo by Roland Tangloa)

Every once in awhile I will have a dream about a particular ex-boyfriend. I always have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I'm happy to see him but on the other hand, its always frustrating. In these dreams we can never quite connect. For instance, we are having a great conversation and he's telling me something really important and then I wake up. Or else, in the dream, people are trying to thwart my attempts to be with him. I used to always wake up from these dreams really irritated. Why was I still dreaming about this guy?

I came to understand that my dream ex didn't really represent my real ex in these dreams. Rather an ex can be a symbol for lots of different things. He/she can symbolize a particular time period (i.e. high school) when this relationship took place. Dreaming of an ex can also represent a state of transition. You could also be still trying to work out the outcome of the relationship in your unconscious, the feelings and attachment. Your ex could symbolize your hopes for love that are maybe not being fulfilled in waking life.

Carl Jung would say if a woman dreams of a man he could symbolize her "animus" or the masculine traits of her personality she wants/needs to explore. (A man dreaming of a woman would be the opposite, his "anima".) Freud would say an ex could also represent wish-fulfillment, something that you long for because it's missing in daily life. Folk dream interpretation (as recorded by Gustavus Hindman Miller) places much value on the appearance of the man in question: "if handsome, well formed and supple, denotes that you will enjoy life vastly and come into rich possessions. If he is misshapen and sour-visaged, you will meet disappointments." If either of these words describe your ex then these outcomes probably did take place in real life!

So instead of feeling uncomfortable about these dreams, look at them as a chance to understand your feelings about life in general. And, one thing to remember, chances are he's dreaming about you too. Wonder what you represent?

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Children's Bad Dreams

(image from madmikesamerica.com)

One of my daughters has a nightmare almost every night. It is not a reoccurring dream (the characters and details vary) but they always seem to have the theme of being chased or watching a family member being captured. When she relays the dreams to me I can agree that they are scary - they'd scare me! The villians are often men - old men, police men, robbers- but the other night she had a dream about a giant rooster.

Dreams about being chased ( by a giant rooster or otherwise) usually refer to feeling the need to escape a real life situation or feeling anxiety or fear about something. For children, chasing dreams are common; they are a way of coping with the stresses and unfamiliarity that they confront in life. Stressors like tension in the home or school issues can be triggers for these dreams. Interestingly, monsters in dreams can represent people in the child's life.

Bad dreams, however,are not necessarily a bad thing. Researchers in Finland have proposed that nightmares help us, and especially children, to prepare for real life situations. Interestingly, childhood's earliest dreams mirror those of our earlier ancestors when they dreamt of being chased by wild animals. Understanding this fact can help us to put nightmares into perspective and appreciate the role that they have in our waking life.

Helping my daughter cope with these dreams is an ongoing battle but I have come across some ideas that seem to help:

1) talking through her worries during the day
2) praying before bed for good dreams and protection
3) eating less sugar and chemical ridden food (this suggestion was given to me by a Chinese herbalist)
4) writing down her dreams in a journal
5) confronting what is chasing her in her dreams (Robert Moss suggests that then the "monster" will back off or change to more manageable proportions)

Robert Moss, in his helpful book, Active Dreaming, has some other suggestions for helping children through their nightmares such as drawing a picture, acting out the dream or thinking of a "dream companion" (such as a stuffy or icon like Jesus or the Incredible Hulk) that can help them out in the dream.

Let me know if you have come across any other solutions.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Naked Teacher Dreams

(Photo by Pierre Omidyar)

Yah, this post is a shameless experiment to see if a provocative title gets more readers, but it also isn't what you think. It is about naked teachers but I'm not talking about the fodder of adolescent boys' dreams. I'm talking about the dreams that teachers have (and it's a common one) where they are standing in front of a class, notice the class's strange reaction, suddenly look down and find that they have forgotten to put on clothes (usually pants). It's a classic and one that, as a teacher, I have often had before.

What does it mean? The image of being naked in a dream often means that you are fearing self exposure in real life situations. This can happen in any job situation, but the profession of teaching entails being vulnerable to the judgements of administration, students and parents on a daily basis. Suddenly finding yourself naked in a dream could also mean you feel guilty about something. You feel the need to "cover it up".

Usually these dreams happen during times of anxiety that could relate to teaching but also to any other areas of life where you are worried about failure or rejection. However, if your dream audience doesn't seems bothered by your nakedness you shouldn't fear being emotionally open in waking life. Jung saw nakedness in dreams as a desire for spiritual awakening. Apparently Freud's favourite dreams were about being naked in a crowd of people. Dude must have had a lot of self-confidence.

There are many other kinds of teacher dreams. Being naked is just one but it is classic. Ask any teacher.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mouthful of Pins

photo by Steve A. Johnson

I just listened to a radio broadcast by one of my favourite dream gurus, Robert Moss. He talked about the importance of "naming your dream" when trying to interpret it because the name that easily comes to you can provide the focus of the dream.

The dream I named "Mouthful of Pins" was actually quite long and contained lots of different symbols and scenes but I'll focus on one part. In this scene I had been given a large, beautiful wooden sewing box. It had lots of little drawers. Some were open and overflowing with ribbons (like place awards from a track-meet) and also little flags. One I recognized was from Great Britain. There was a sign above the box that said "Happy Mother's Day" but it changed back and forth to "Happy Anniversary". I wasn't sure if it was a gift from my spouse or my mother. Suddenly, I was aware that my mouth was full of pins. I couldn't speak because every time I did they would overflow from my mouth and prick me. I was trying to spit them out or pull them out with my hands but it hurt and I couldn't get them all.

The sewing box: boxes are containers and in dreams, containers "contain" stuff like our emotions. Sewing refers to mending or
fixing something. The ribbons could refer to my achievements. Flags, as dream symbols, usually represent values or ideas from the country they are displaying. In my case, my ancestral home is Great Britain so the flag could be a symbol of my family's traditions. (I neglected to mention I was also wearing a black and red tartan shift dress - very cool, very Vivienne Westwood, which also represents Britain).

In waking life, pins can be used to either hold something together or used to hurt (poke or prick). In my dream, they definitely hurt me, almost like someone was trying to pin my mouth shut. Mouths, as an images, symbolize the way we communicate.

The changing signs for mother's day versus anniversary, and whether the box originated with my mother or spouse, perhaps shows conflicting feelings about the different roles I play as wife, mother and daughter. Where is my "Self" in all this? Maybe it is the box that contains my achievements and traditions. Did the pins in my mouth come from the box (like these are the things that are preventing me from communicating)? Or should I have taken the pins out of my mouth and put them into the little drawers? (It seems like the pins would belong in there.)

Anyways, I love that this dream contained so many symbols that are rich in meaning. So now in waking life, I am trying to be aware of what things (long held beliefs, people's expectations) are holding me back from saying what I need to.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kim Kardashian's Mushroom:Dreaming of Celebrity Fungi

photo by dendroica cerulea

Well, it's official. Now that the Kardashian's have conquered the "real world" they are moving into our Collective Unconscious! Here is a dream I had that contained some very random images.

I was in a forest and in a clearing there was a table set up with crafts to do. My daughter was with me and so was Kim Kardashian. We were making huge (people sized) mushrooms out of black felt cloth. When the craft was finished you could throw the mushroom up in the air and it would billow out as it fell like a jellyfish parachute. Kim Kardashian turned to me and said, "I just want people to leave me alone, you know? I'm so misunderstood."

So, what does it mean? Even though the dream contains lots of images worth investigating, I am going to focus on Kim Kardashian and the mushroom.

Kim Kardashian: Carl Jung believes that we often have archetypal images in our dreams. These consist of myths and legends that have been passed down through time and now have a place in our collective unconscious. In Greek and Roman times, a pantheon of gods and goddesses provided archetypal symbols representing greed, love, pride etc. Today we worship at the cult of celebrity so it isn't surprising that celebrities might figure in our dreams as symbols. If you google Kim Kardashian you will find that she is famous, not for any obvious talents besides her beauty, but for expertly marketing herself. She could definitely be a symbol representing the preoccupation of outer appearances.

Mushroom: Looking through various dream dictionaries online, it seems there are lots of interpretations for the mushroom image. It could symbolize relationship difficulties, unhealthy desires, foolishness in amassing wealth...does any of this remind you of Kim Kardashian? Other interpretations include the mushroom as a symbol of male fertility, a symbol of the human soul, knowledge or enlightenment, or a symbol of magic. My article Dreaming of Mushrooms talks more about the mushroom symbol.

At this point, I'm not exactly sure what the mushroom symbol meant in my dream so I'm going to look at other images presented.For example, the mushroom was made out of cloth which also has to do with appearances and the way people perceive us. In my dream I liked the billowing mushroom, I thought it was cool and it gave me a good feeling so I don't feel like it was a negative image. The image of parachuting symbolizes protection. The dream took place in a forest which is a place of testing or initiation.

So the images of Kim Kardashian and the cloth represent a preoccupation with how the outer self is represented to the world. I think because of the forest setting and the way I felt about the mushroom, I'm going to say it was an image of self-knowledge. The phrase that Kim said about wanting to be left alone and feeling misunderstood seems to represent my own feelings of insecurity about how I'm perceived in the world. So thank you Kim Kardashian for dropping by my dream! Maybe next time though, you could send David Beckham?:)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dreaming of a House

I love my dreams that feature a house. One reason is that a house is a symbol for your Self (ego and unconscious). Both the inside and the outside features represent the things you are dealing with. (The outside showing what you are projecting to the "outside" world and the interior reflecting on more unconscious issues). So, if the outside of your house is big and grand that's how you are, or feel you are, reflecting yourself to the outside world. If it's small and run down you are feeling insecure and bad about yourself.

In your dreams try to pay attention to what room you are in, its different features and how it makes you feel. For example a bathroom represents private matters and issues of cleanliness, whereas a kitchen may represent nurturing,health issues or family issues. If you want more specifics about what different rooms mean feel free to check out an article I wrote on the topic Dreaming of a House.

The second reason that I like house dreams so much is I love the houses that I dream about. They are so unique, detailed and quirky that they would make great movie sets. In one dream I was in a small, stone cottage. We (my family) were standing in the sitting room that had a huge stone fireplace. Suddenly, we realized that behind the fireplace was a small playroom that had been hidden all this time. It was set up like a preschool, with little tables and toys. My interpretation of that dream is that as a family, we should make the time for play together - something we probably hadn't been doing.

In another dream, we (my spouse and I) were in a older Shaughnessy type mansion that had obviously once been opulent, full of antiques, but had been let go, everything looked worn out, faded, cobwebbed. My grandma and grandpa lived there (not in real life) and they were letting us stay there. As we walked from room to room they told us that we could go anywhere except the basement. When we peaked down the stairs we saw that the basement was enormous and it was full of ghosts, darkness and other scary things so it made sense to us not to go down there. We were fine staying upstairs.
I interpreted this dream to be representative of our relationship, something that had once seemed rich had now become old and faded. A basement usually symbolizes the subconscious, things that have happened in our past or issues we want to repress. My dream was telling me (warning me) not to confront these things right now.

There are many more houses - the white, farmhouse with the front porch that frequently appears in my dreams and the very cool, mid century Erickson bungalow that sat on a mountain. I encourage you to try to remember the houses that feature in your dreams. What they reveal may give you a lot of insight into yourself and your current situations.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dreaming of Loosing Your Teeth

Dreaming about loosing your teeth is usually associated with an anxiety about aging or making a transition in your life. This makes sense because as we mature, our teeth change i.e. we lose our baby teeth as we become an adolescent and we get our wisdom teeth when we become adults. Up until recent times, the elderly would often have lost their teeth which may be why this image continues to serve as a symbol in our dreams representing a fear of aging.

Personally, I have always associated the image of teeth falling out as one of feeling guilty. Maybe this is because the first time I had this dream, I was eighteen and it was after a night of um, doing things that my christian university would not have approved of! But actually, maybe I was just aware of making the transition into adulthood, maybe it was a fear of growing up, being able to do "adult" things.

In his book 10,000 Dreams Interpreted, which has stood the test of time (it was written at the turn of the century), Gustavus Hindman Miller devotes two pages to the interpretation of teeth as a symbol in dreams. As common with most of his interpretations, there is an abundance of folksy superstition about what dreaming about this symbol means. Here is one of my favourites. As you will see, his explanations are quite detailed.

"To dream that you pull one of your teeth and lose it, and feel within your mouth with your tongue for the cavity, and failing to find any, have a doctor look for the same, but to no effect, leaving the whole affair enveloped in mystery, denotes that you are about to enter into some engagement which does not exactly please you, and which you decide to ignore, but will later take it up and secretly prosecute it to your own disquieting satisfaction and under the suspicion of friends."

Seriously, this specific dream would be so common that it should be included in his book???
Traditional Chinese dream interpretation is a little more straightforward:
1) Dreaming of brushing your teeth means you are in good health.
2) Dreaming of growing new teeth means that your children's future looks promising.
3) Dreaming of loosing a tooth means that your parents may be greeted by a misfortune.

Much less wordy than Gustavus, but I still don't really subscribe to the idea that dream symbols foretell future events. Rather, I think that the symbol is a reflection of where we are at in our lives. Our unconscious mind has conveniently summed up our situation for us in the form of an image. Very aesthetic of it! That's my view at least. So when you dream of losing your teeth, think of it as an image reflecting your anxiety of the transitions going on in your life rather than a sign that you, or your parents, will soon be greeted by misfortune.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Flying, Falling and Jumping Dreams

(photo by Gilberto Filho)

I lumped these three dream phenomena together because they produce a similar physiological response when you are dreaming.

Falling is that sensation you feel just as you are drifting off to sleep. You feel like you are falling and you jerk yourself awake. (I do that all the time and my spouse is like "Stop that!")But you can also have a dream where you see, or feel, yourself falling, maybe off a cliff or something. I have never had this dream but apparently it means there is a feeling of not having any control of the situation in your dreams and maybe waking life.

Flying dreams are the best. If you have ever had one, you know what I am talking about because it is an incredible sensation. I once had a dream that I was flying over a lake and forest (Lake Whatcom to be specific). It was like the ride "Soaring Over California" in Disneyland. Flying is very big in Lucid Dreaming. If you can make yourself intentionally fly in your dream, you have great mind control and can then travel to wherever you want (in your dreams). Flying in your dream means you can, or feel like you can, overcome anything.You feel successful and are craving freedom or thrills (could be of the sexual kind).In flying we become the archetypal super-hero, but as Jung suggests, we should heed the warning of the myth of Icarus, who thought to make himself godlike with his fragile wings,leading to his (literal) downfall.

I included the image of jumping because that is what I tend to do in my dreams rather than fall or fly. I once had a dream where I was at the top of my stairs looking down at this purple sleeping bag scuttling across the floor below me. I was scared but knew I needed to confront this thing. So I did a swan-dive off the top stair and fell through the purple bag. Instead of splattering on the floor though, as you would think I would, I went through the bag in layers (or the bag went through me?). It felt incredible. I think the sensation might be going through the layers or levels of consciousness. At that moment, in real life, the phone rang, I answered it but had a really hard time coming "back up". (Normally I am a very light sleeper).I don't think I've had that same sensation of "going through" in real life but it would be similar to going on one of those elevator drop rides at a fair.

Maybe the reason we like amusement park rides so much is because they stimulate this same response in our brain?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

River Rafting in a Convertible: Water, Journey and Cars

(photo by Horia Varlan)

This is a dream from a friend of mine. In his dream he was river rafting but not in a boat but rather a convertible car with some other people. He went to go down a chute and got thrown clear and then had to swim through the rest of the rapids on his own. He asked me what I thought this dream meant.

Water, as an image, symbolizes the emotional state. For example, if the water is calm and still, you are feeling calm and still. If there are rapids you are feeling turbulence. Travelling on water in any kind of vehicle represents a journey. Choppy water means the journey is difficult.

The convertible could represent different things depending on how one feels about convertibles; for example, freedom, recklessness, or loss of youth. My friend didn't say whether or not he was the driver. In my blog entry, Driving a Car, I talked about the significance of the driver. If my friend was driving, he was in control (or rather out of control). If it was someone else, my friend was feeling that he had given the control to someone else.

The chute image in the dream represents a tunnel (like to a different dimension or state, or reality). The fact that he got thrown from his vehicle and had to navigate the rest of the rapids on his own makes me think that maybe he is part of an organization or group of friends that he feels he needs to leave to go his own way.

Swimming symbolizes the effort my friend has to make, or is making, to get through his difficulties. It's great that he saw himself making it to the shore. This is a dream that could have played out as a nightmare, but my friend "rode it out" (like you would if you were really rafting) and came through on the other side. I think my friend can feel hopeful and confident for the future.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Dreaming of Frogs

(photo by Joi Ito - frog on corn leaf)

The other day, a friend told me about a dream she had. In it, she was yelling at her boyfriend who was sitting on a couch. Suddenly, he turned into a frog. She continued to yell at him, "And damn you, now you're a frog!" What did it mean?

Frogs and other types of wildlife can definitely be viewed as symbols when they appear in our dreams. I think this refutes the ideas that some people have that dreams are just the residue of our daily lives brewing in our brains. Because, why would a frog appear at that moment in her dream! (Unless she works with frogs or happened to see one that day). So, her dream is telling her that her boyfriend is like a frog. What does that mean? Well, there are several interpretations.

1) He actually has the qualities of a frog. He is slimy, has a long tongue, catches flies.
2) One dream book I read said a frog symbolizes "physical and emotional malformations". I have seen the guy and he appears to be very well formed! But it reminds me of the fairytale the Princess and the Frog where the prince is turned into a frog because of some character flaw, but he will be restored to his true identity with the kiss of a princess. Is my friend the princess who will save this man/frog?
3) A frog represents spiritual and emotional changes, and the potential for transformation (as seen by a the change from tadpole to frog).

Traditionally, a frog is seen as a good omen for money and love. What you do with the frog also has meaning. For example, holding a frog in your hand means you're going to win something and killing a frog means you are about to harm yourself (taken from Podder, 2004).

In my friend's case, she felt comfortable with the interpretation that the frog symbolized the potential for transformation and change in her boyfriend (which is what she was hoping for all along).

If you have ever had a dream about a frog, please tell me about it and comment below.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dreaming of Vomit

(photo by Phil Gyford at flickriver)

Personally, I have never had this dream myself, but I became intrigued with the image after my daughter told me about a dream she had. In her dream she was at school and everywhere she looked people were throwing up. The people in the dream were her friends and classmates. She was disturbed by the dream, it didn't sound pleasant.

So when I did some research on this image, Dreaming of Vomit, I found that it could be interpreted both literally and symbolically. I took the information and wrote an article about it. You can see it here at my suite101 site if you're interested in more specifics. Surprisingly, this is one of my most viewed articles! Either lots of people have this type of dream or they are fascinated with the topic (and the picture I use, see above - it's pretty great).

The literal interpretation of vomiting in a dream would mean that you are trying to purge yourself of something (an idea, situation, a person). Something that is literally making you feel sick. Seeing someone else vomit, like in my daughter's dream, means that the person is, or you think they are, being false to you. Literally, they are spewing out crap! You might not be conscious of this in waking life but there may be signs that you have registered unconsciously.

I was surprised at how many symbolic or mystical interpretations there were of the image of vomiting in your dreams, especially in the Islamic tradition. Apparently, people dream of vomiting many different things and some of them are quite funny. For example, if you dream of vomiting dishes, it could mean you will lose money or property. Dreaming of swallowing pearls and then vomiting honey means you have a deep understanding of the Quran. And, my personal favourite, dreaming of vomiting a chicken and then watching it as it hops away, means that you will suffer disappointment in a relative's illness. (I find the image funny, not the outcome!)

What I like most about the image of vomiting in your dreams is that, like many dreams, the literal image and words that would describe it (being sick, purging) and analyzing what you are vomiting up (a symbol of wealth, a person, a chicken? not so much!) can tell you a lot about what your dream means.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dreaming of the Dead: Messages from Beyond

Have you ever had a dream about someone who is no longer in this world? A relative, a friend, someone famous?

A couple of weeks after my dad passed away I had an interesting dream right before I woke up in the morning. I dreamt that I was looking at a computer screen. My dad's full name was printed in the middle of the screen and flashing.That was it. But when I woke up, I knew that I had to check my computer. When I checked my inbox I was excited but not surprised to see that I had a new message from dad! With a little bit of trepidation, I clicked on it. What would it say? Well, it turned out to be a form letter, which was still being sent out to all his life insurance clients, of which I was one. But still, spooky?

I figure this experience could have one of three explanations. First, it was a coincidence that I dreamt about a message from my dad the same morning that I got the form letter on the computer. Second, I could somehow sense that the message would be on the computer, the same way you are thinking about a person and then that person calls. Or third, my dad sent me a message from beyond.

I prefer to think it was the third option and here's why. Before my dad died, he was very sick for a few months during which time we had lots of conversations about life after death. We agreed that if he was somehow able to communicate something to me after he passed on he would. I felt like it was a simple but clear message from him that he had arrived (somewhere)and he was just letting me know. (Like you'd text someone when you arrived at your destination to let them know you're alright.)

Since then, I have had one other "message giving" dream. In it, I saw an image of a Manulife duffel bag (the company he worked for). On the bag was a handwritten message: I love you.
Now, it could be that I was just thinking about my dad and conjuring up words of comfort that I wanted to hear, but I think the Manulife duffel bag was a carefully chosen symbol (by my dad) so I could clearly identify who he was.

Apparently, it's not unusual for deceased family members or friends to visit us in our dreams. Some believe that this is direct communication with the dead. Others believe that the dream images are created by us to allow ourselves to resolve feelings that we have about those people or their death.(I would place my second dream about my dad into this category.) Additionally, as in all dream images, things are not always what they seem, and these people could actually represent an aspect of ourselves.

Anyways, I can't discount the experience I had with the dream and the computer. It left me with a feeling of confidence that there is some kind of "life after death". I also feel a great sense of gratitude to my dad for reaching out to me.

I'd be interested in hearing if anyone else has had a similar dream experience. Please comment below.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Driving a Car, Road Conditions, Near Death Experience

In my dream I was driving my car by myself. I was headed up a mountain but there was a traffic jam. The people in the car in front of me rolled down their windows. The car was filled with women I had been acquainted with in my past. They warned me that the road was icy. I didn't know that. But when I tried to turn my car around I spun in circles on the road. I couldn't get control and I thought for sure I was going to go over the edge of the road and into the water below. I was prepared to die. I felt like a part of my soul left my body and then I felt calm and accepting of whatever happened to me. I noticed that I was again driving straight down the road but the other cars were coming towards me.I was concerned that I was in the wrong lane but then the other cars started to drive the same way as me and I felt good about that, relieved.

According to various dream dictionaries, a car represents our own personal space and the one who is driving it symbolizes who has control in our life. (I have dreamed before of driving with my spouse or my mom at the wheel).

A road represents the conditions of our journey. That in my dream the road was icy means that I am facing difficult conditions. Obviously, I felt unable to control these conditions in my dream (and in my real life situation).In other dreams, I have experienced an uphill road, a winding path, the road conditions mirror the challenges we are having in our waking life.

I have experienced the sensations of my "near death experience" in dreams before as well as real life. It is a strange feeling of a part of my body (my soul I guess) coming out and then a feeling of peace and calm. I think it is surrendering to the circumstance. (Like being unable to control a car in real life as well as in the dream).I don't see it as a prophesy for death in any way.

In my dream I end up "going against the flow" of traffic. This very much mirrors my real life where I feel I have to make a decision or follow a path that may be unpopular with most people. It is interesting to me that the traffic then changed to go my way. This makes me feel hopeful that people will come around to my point of view and everything will work out okay.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dark Hooded Figure

(photo taken by keoni cabral, flickr.com)

About a year ago, I had the most disturbing dream. I dreamt that I woke up in bed because I heard footsteps going up and down the stairs. In my dream I woke up my spouse to go and check out what was going on, I thought it might be a burglar. He did and then shortly came back, got back into bed and said he couldn't find anything but there was a dark shadow on the stairs. He promptly fell back to sleep (of course!) Then I sat up in bed and saw a dark hooded figure standing at the corner of the wall by the door. The cloak reached the ground and I couldn't see a face. What totally freaked me out was that it was only around four feet tall. I expected the grim reaper to be taller.

I was so scared I couldn't speak. I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. I could feel the strain of trying to find my voice. It finally came out in a hoarse whisper. "Who are you?" I asked. No response. The figure still stood there silently regarding me. I was angry that it didn't answer so I tried the same question again. This time I added "What do you want?" Still the figure didn't move or answer but continued to watch me. This really scared me and I willed myself to wake up. When I did (in real life) the figure was gone but I was totally scared and disturbed. It took awhile for me to go back to sleep.

Of course the next day I looked up the image of a dark, hooded figure. It was difficult to find any definitions that matched my image. Most referred to it as "the grim reaper", but it might have been something else. I read a passage from Jung that really resonated with me. He talked about "the unseen,creative dwarf gods,hooded and cloaked manikans who...appear as little figures about a foot high,where, as kinsmen of the unconscious, they protect navigation, ie the venture into darkness and uncertainty" (from The Collected Works of Carl Jung, Vol 4, 8, 12 and 16).So that could be a possibility, that I was just conjuring up in my mind a symbol from the collective unconscious representing a guardian to the unconscious world (a symbol I didn't consciously know existed).

To put the dream into context, my daughters had just gone away to camp for the week. The size of the figure would have been the same as my youngest daughter (around four feet). I often wake up to her footsteps as she leaves her bedroom to go to the bathroom at night.So it's possible that I was missing her, feeling anxious about her safety but I didn't feel like the hooded figure was her or giving me a warning having to do with her.

But because of the fact that it was more of a lucid dream (I thought I was awake, I had woken up in my dream) I felt as though it was not coming from inside me.
The fact that I confronted the image and it did not yield or change like it would in most of my other dreams makes me think that it might have been an "otherworldly visitation" (I never had this kind of experience before.) Look up "dark hooded figure" on Google and you'll find lots of stories about shadows who appear to people both in real life and in their dreams. Some say these "shadow people" are visitors from another dimension just coming to observe us. Whatever it was, I felt like it was there to intimidate me. Obviously the dream still bothers me. If I do have that dream/experience again, I will definitely try again to confront the image.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fish, Nets and the Number Three

Last night I dreamed of an image I haven't seen in my dreams before - a fish! It was a salmon actually. I was skimming down the river (the Ladner slough for those that are local), in a boat. There were clumps of salmon, in groups of three, scattered on the surface, with nets beside them. All I had to do was scoop them up as we rode along. It was very fun. I woke up feeling good.

A fish image in dreams can represent awareness and knowledge, according to Pamela Ball in The Complete Dream Dictionary.

Salmon, specifically, is an important image to the westcoast First Nations. It symbolizes renewal and a link between survival and the development of culture.

Viewed within this perspective, the symbol of the nets in the dream could mean being provided with the opportunity to catch something that would provide me with both sustanance and further blessings.

A net is a symbol of something that can trap. The fact that the nets were just laying on top of the water tells me that these blessings are out there for me and I just need to reach out and scoop them up.

Finally, that the fish were grouped together in threes is an important symbol for me. Whenever that number comes up in my dreams I feel like it has great significance. It stands for three as in the Holy Trinity, or completition being body, mind and spirit.

This was an important and affirming dream for me as I feel like my life is at a crossroads and I am unsure of what the future holds for me. Because of the images and the good feeling I had from the dream, it makes me feel hopeful and that good things are waiting.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Green Monster and Ice Block

The first dream image that I can remember having was when I was eight. I dreamt that a green bigfoot-like monster was standing in front of me, at the edge of our driveway in our cul-de-sac. He was holding a huge block of ice that was slowly melting. It scared me to death!

I have always dreamed and been good at remembering my dreams, long before I had ever heard of "lucid dreaming" or dream "journalling". As well, I have also always had a talent for being able to interpret both dreams of my own,as well as those of other people. I think that if I were living in another time, I might have a place in a beautiful Grecian temple where people could come to me with their dreams; but in this day and age, I am reduced (or privileged!) to having a blog.I'll try to make it as beautiful as I can!

Over the years, I have added to my knowledge of dream symbols by reading books about the psychology of dreams, dream symbols and religious symbols and views on dreams. I especially like the authors Pamela Ball, Carl Jung, Robert Moss and Celtic Symbols.

While I believe that some dream symbols are universal and have intrinsic meaning (such as a circle, dreaming of a house, a skull) I do feel that dreams need to be interpreted personally. You and I might have a similar dream but based on our individual circumstances it would mean something different to each of us.

The image of a monster in dreams represents our fears or our negative emotions. This is a common childhood dream image. The colour of the monster was green which represents nature but could also represent envy or jealousy.

Ice, in dreams, can be seen as something dangerous or just hard and cold. A melting ice block makes me think of cold emotions that are, or need to thaw or change.

I can't remember what was going on in my life at the time, but now as I try to interpret the dream, I think I was being confronted, subconsciously, by strong negative emotions I might have been having.