Friday, June 29, 2012

Dreaming of a Wedding

Photo by Peter J Bellis

Maybe it's the time of year or my time of life but I've been dreaming a lot of weddings. In my latest dream, I was in a small chapel with high ceilings. Everything was white. I was wearing a pale, pink dress. I realized, just before the ceremony was about to start, that I had forgotten to book any entertainment like musicians, but strangely I wasn't stressed out about it. I just thought matter of factly, "oh well, I can just do it myself."

Freud would say that dreaming of a wedding indicates wish fulfillment but others see weddings as symbols of relationships. That's why you can dream of marrying your mom or dad or some other totally inappropriate person. It's not something to be freaked out about, it just means you are thinking about your relationship with that person.

If you dream about a wedding, and you are about to get married in real life, pay attention to how you feel in your dream. Feelings of anxiety or panic could be unconscious feelings you have about the situation. The dream could be a warning to call off the wedding.

If the wedding doesn't seem related to real life relationships the wedding could be a symbol of unconscious romantic feelings you have towards the person you are marrying in the dream. A wedding could also be a symbol of a merger between two different ideas or aspects of yourself. Jung would say a wedding could symbolize the bringing together of masculine and feminine qualities in yourself (anima and animus).

If you are already married and dream of remarrying your spouse, the wedding could symbolize the need for a recommitment or change to your union. Dreaming that you are a best man or bridesmaid could mean you need to pay attention to feelings of jealousy or loneliness you are feeling towards the people getting married.

In traditional interpretations,dreaming of a wedding means a death in the family or a change in circumstances.

I see my wedding dream as being a symbol of a relationship with myself like Jung would suggest. My pink gown contrasting with the white chapel would suggest that maybe I am not as innocent and pure as I seem. Also, I realized that I could fill the role of the musical entertainment. This is an aspect of myself that I have been neglecting in real life.


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  2. nice wedding dress. hope you can use it

  3. This is a comment someone left me on another post and I moved it here:

    Hi Lisa, I haven't dreamt of Aliens lately, but I did have a dream that has me wondering. I was in a different city (it hopped between somewhere in Eastern Europe and a suburb of Los Angeles.)with a male. I have figured out that this male was my "boyfriend". A close friend of mine is getting married, but I'm not sure who it is. I have to go to a bridal store to get my dress, necklace, shoes, etc. I am given three dresses, but when I see them all, I know for certain that there is only one of them that I am supposed to try on. I then take every thing into the change room, but then leave the change room. The next day is the wedding and I can't find the dress. I go back to the store, and another brides maid is there, an estranged friend from my childhood, and she has her dress on and is not impressed that I don't have mine. I realize that I left everything in the change room the day before. The sales girl was not happy, said that she hoped that the dresses were still there, and she proceeded to go into the change room. I then woke up.

    1. Hi Heather

      I put your comment here so you could read the post about "Dreaming of Weddings" since I think it fits here. The places probably have personal significance to you. Off the top of my head I would say that EE represents old world and LA new. I think this dream is more about your relationship with yourself (the male could be your "anima" male part of you). The number three symbolizes unity and wholeness and in the dream you seem to know the dress (or maybe choice) you should make. Maybe it requires some "change" on your behalf but for whatever reason you don't go for it and when you go back you find that maybe its too late. What do you think?

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