Friday, June 27, 2014

Dreaming of A Baby

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A friend told me this dream: I dreamed I had a baby I was taking care of. He was covered in excrement. I was trying to clean it off.

When people dream of a baby the temptation is to take the dream literally, especially if you're a woman. Does it mean you're going to have a baby? Not necessarily because the baby symbol can also be interpreted metaphorically.

A baby can symbolize new birth or creation of something new in your life.

People often refer to a project as "my baby" inferring something near and dear to their heart. To dream that the baby is your own suggests you have control over the project. To dream you are taking care of someone else's baby implies that you feel burdened with responsibility that is not your own.

The behaviour or needs of the baby suggest what aspects you may be experiencing with your project. For example, an crying baby could mean you should attend more closely to the project. A baby covered in excrement could represent the feeling that the project needs to be "cleaned up" in some way.

If you've ever had a "baby" dream please comment and share below.

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