Monday, August 15, 2016

Dreaming of French Fries and other Random Things

I am riding in the back seat of a car with my children. My husband is driving in a crazy, manic, manner. Suddenly, my children and I are transformed into giant french fries, in a fast food box, and we are limply flopping around.

Sometimes dreams can contain really random images(see Kim Kardashian's Mushrooms) I can't remember if I had french fries to eat that night, that would explain a lot.

According to many dream dictionaries, french fries can symbolize frivolous things. They could also suggest aspects of the fast food culture like cheap ingredients, cheap prices, or lower class culture. Based on these meanings, dreaming of french fries could suggest that you are experiences these things or feelings in your waking life.

In my dream, I was left with a feeling of being helpless and out of control, like a limp french fry flopping around in a container I was afraid to fall out of. My dream seemed to suggest that I was feeling this way, helpless and without control in a relationship where my husband was is the driver's seat.

What are some random images that have shown up in your dreams?

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