Sunday, August 7, 2016

Dreaming of Running

You are in a crowd of people. You glimpse the man that is trying to catch you. You try to run but your feet refuse to budge. It's like you're running in slow motion. You can't get away...

Many people have dreamed about this situation. Running, or rather trying to run, in dreams is so frustrating because you're trying to move but you just can't, It's like trying to run under water. Why does this happen in dreams?

Running in dreams represents movement. In waking life there are situations that we move through easily and others where we feel stuck. If you dream of running quickly and without effort in a dream, it might means that you can do the same in your waking life reality. Whereas, dreaming of having trouble running, may mean the desire to flee from a situation.

We can run away from situations or people or towards them, with others or alone. Try to pay attention to the other aspects of your dream that can help you interpret what running in a dream symbolizes for you.

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