Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Dreaming About a Party

I dreamt I was hosting a Christmas Party at my house. I invited m ex-boyfriend and his children but they avoided me all night. Then my dream switched to a different scenario where they didn't come at all. I spent the party feeling anxious and wondering why. I thought he would at least text if he wasn't coming. Did something happen to him? Or was he just not interested?

Symbolism of a House

I have written quite a few blog posts about the house symbolism in dreams - Dreaming of a House, a Basement and Hell, Dreaming of a House Surrounded by Water, Dreaming of a House. Basically, a house is a symbol of yourself. Different rooms represent different areas of your psyche.

Symbolism of a Party

A party is a celebration. It indicates that life is good! Having it in your house means you might have the need to celebrate yourself.

However, if you are not enjoying yourself at the party, it might indicate that you have doubts about your social situation and life in general.

Having a party at your house is essentially inviting people into your psyche, your very personal space. A party represents the social aspects of your personality.

What Does My Dream Mean?

So knowing what the party theme symbolizes, I think that in my dream,  I was inviting my ex to have a look at my new life - a life I am proud of and want to celebrate. But although I tried in two different scenarios, he just wasn't interested. In the second scene I was even trying to make excuses for him that may or may not be legitimate. However, I take this dream s a very clear sign to move on with my life.

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