Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Dreaming of a River

Dream #1) I am with my ex-boyfriend in a muddy river floating. Another girl is there flirting with him. He is telling me all about his dating life, being very passive about it, just floating along... I feel possessive of him but know that he wants to be with someone else.

Dream #2) I realize I have just bought a house on a swollen and flowing river for 1.2 million dollars. I feel regret and worry that I'm too impulsive.

Dreaming of Water

Dreaming of water in general is not unusual for me. I see water as a significant symbol when it appears in my dreams.  The state of the water is often a key to your dream. Calm and smooth meaning easy times ahead, whereas rough and choppy waters reflect that things may be tough as will your emotional state. 

Dreaming of a River

In contrast to other bodies of water, a river really represents the idea of flow. An ocean is powerful, moving with tides while a lake is generally calm and contained. In all the the dreams I've had about rivers, a key symbol is the idea of movement. In my dream, River Rafting in a Convertible, I used words like chutes and rapids. In the first dream above, I said I was "floating" on the river and it was which implies it was calm, albeit "muddy" while in the second dream the river was "swollen" and "flowing". The words that you use to describe the river in your dreams can represent your emotional state.

Muddy Water

Seeing muddy water in your dream can literally mean that you aren't seeing a situation clearly or have unclear feelings about it. This rings true for my first dream where I did, in fact, have mixed feelings about my ex and our situation.

House Symbol

The second part of my dream featured a house. A house symbol usually represents yourself, your psyche. In my dream I feel regret buying a house in a less than ideal/risky location and spending too much on it. I feel like this means I regret putting myself in a precarious situation (probably having to do with my previous relationship) and it “cost” me a lot. 

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