Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dreaming of Eating Hair

photo by outofmytree

I am working in a hair salon. I pick up clumps of cut hair off the floor and stuff them into my mouth (it is blond like mine). I'm trying not to let the other hairdresser see me because I'd be slightly embaressed if I was caught. I'm thinking, "I must have some kind of nutrient deficiency if I need to eat this hair".

The two main symbols in this dream are HAIR and EATING.

To dream of eating often means you need, or have an appetite for, that thing you are stuffing into your mouth.

Hair is a symbol of sensuality, sexuality or virility. In my dream I am trying to take in that part of me that has been cut off.

A hairdresser is actually a job that wields a lot of power over people (and in men's dreams is tied to a fear of castration!) In my dream I was embaressed to be seen expressing my need for hair to this person.

I think this dream is pretty explicit and the fact that I basically commented on the meaning of the dream in my dream emphasizes it - I need to reincorporate sensuality back into my life because it has been lacking. Okay then:)

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