Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dreaming of Doors

image by dale427
I am standing in front of two large wooden doors (Medieval style). I become aware that I am dreaming. As I push open the heavy doors I can feel the weight in my hands. The doors have opened into a dark room but there is another set of doors at the end. As I walk towards them I can feel the sensation in my feet. These doors are a bit different - the door is metal and the handles are steel. As
I pull them open I can feel the texture in my hand. I am apprehensive and excited. What will be on the other side of the door? Some great insight or future possibility? The doors open into blackness. I take a step into the abyss and jump...

Dreaming of opening a door usually represents a change or transition in life. It could also be moving from one consciousness into the next. Carl Jung saw this dream as opening a door into the individuated self.

The state of the door can give you a clue to the dream. An old,wooden door could symbolize old or traditional ideas while a metal door could represent the future.

The scene that the door opens to can tell you what changes you could be facing. For example, a door opening into a beautiful field could symbolize abundance while a door opening into a ghetto might represent loss or depression.

In dreams, doors can be broken, locked or impossible to open. To dream of opening a door means you are ready to take a chance and venture into the unknown - whatever that may bring.


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