Friday, July 12, 2013

Dreaming of Shoes

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This is a friend's recent dream: I am at a soccer match that felt like I was overseas, I believe in England. At the stadium with friends from Salem but I have lost one of my shoes. I am finally able to go back and find it. I meet a man with a baby who says to me "At least we are men." And I say "90% at least" he isn't thrilled by that but I leave.

When you dream of shoes it represents how you "walk" in life meaning your approach to life and your beliefs.

The types of shoes you wear in your dreams can mean different things. For example:

Losing a shoe can mean you have lost your way or your beliefs.

Finding shoes means you're back on track.

Old shoes could symbolize you are secure in who you are or they could mean that it is time to change.

New shoes could symoblize a new way of life for you or it could mean you are overconfident.

Wearing inappropriate shoes to a function means you are not feeling prepared.

There are other symbols in my friend's dream that can help with the interpretation. A soccer match or game can refer to the "game of life". England is his ancestoral home/tradition. So, I think his dream could mean that he feels like he has lost his way right now in life (maybe old traditions or beliefs). Maybe the dream specifically refers to his beliefs about what it means to "be a man".

Have you ever dreamed of shoes? If so please share below.

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