Monday, January 30, 2023

Dreaming of Emeralds

 In my dream I’m talking with my boyfriend. He just received an inheritance. He says that he is going to buy his ex-wife an emerald. I am angry. “You’re buying her an emerald when all you got me for Christmas was pajamas!” 

Is Dreaming Just Thinking?

Some people think that when you dream you are just thinking about things that happened in real life. In this dream, a few things do reflect my life - my boyfriend is going to receive some money and he did buy me pajamas for Christmas! He does have an ex-wife with whom he has an amicable  relationship but not exceptionally close. It’s not a relationship I’d be jealous of, nor would he feel he has to give her anything. So, why did my mind add that twist to a real life situation? What does the symbol of an emerald mean?

Throughout the ages, the emerald has been revered and used for magical purposes. 

Emerald as a Symbol of Prosperity

In ancient and medieval times, the emerald was seen as symbol of wealth. Nobility used it in jewelry and kings and queens wore them in their crowns. Giving an emerald ring to someone meant you were sharing your wealth. Emeralds are used today, as they have been in the past, for protection as well as manifestation.

Emerald as a Symbol of Love

In Ancient Mythology, the emerald was associated with the goddess Venus. It was a symbol of love and fidelity making it the perfect gemstone used in wedding rings. In addition to romantic partnerships, the emerald was also said to promote honesty and loyalty in business partnerships.

Emerald as a Symbol of Health 

In Metaphysics, the emerald is associated with the heart chakra and its corresponding colour green. It is used to open that chakra and renew health. Wearing an emerald on the ring finger of the right hand improves the circulatory system between the brain and heart. 


So what does my dream mean? Does it mean that I want or am jealous of the kind of committed relationship my boyfriend had with his ex? Is it a foreshadowing of where his true commitments lie? One interesting note is that my dream occurred after I had been meditating on my chakras, specifically my heart as I’ve been having health issues with that area. I wasn’t thinking about the colour green and that it was associated with emeralds. In this case it would have been a great gift if he had given that emerald to me! I’m going to have to think about this dream some more, but now I want to go out jewelry shopping!

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