Friday, December 30, 2022

Dreaming of a Broken Floor

 I am in my current house in the living room but it looks a bit different. There is a space between the couch and the window. I notice one of the floorboards is discoloured a sort of moldy  green. I kick it and the floor opens up to the basement below. Through the gaping hole I can see it is actually a small crawl space but there are beautiful hardwood floors covered by a foot of clear water. I am afraid there might be rats. I warn my daughter who is a little girl and think that I will have to tell my boyfriend to fix it (add to the list of other house related repairs he has to do). 

Dreaming of a House

The house symbol is one which figures prominently in my dreams. It stands for the psyche, different rooms relate to different parts of yourself. For example, while dreaming of a bedroom suggests your intimate/sexual life, dreaming of a living room is related to your social self. The living room is a place where people come together, social interactions  take place and it reflects the way others see you. I think that my dream has to do with my living arrangements.

Dreaming of a Window

A window is a symbol for the way you view the world. It actually is the object for doing so. In my dream I wasn’t looking out the window but I noticed it was there, I think it was telling me to “look” at this situation.

Dreaming of the Floor

The floor is literally the ground you stand on so the the condition of it reflects your feelings. Is it smooth, easy to walk on, or is it bumpy and rough? In my dream it was flooring, not unlike what I actually have in my living room, but I noticed one of the boards was discoloured, moldy even. This suggests that there is something wrong with my current situation that could potentially get worse ((mold spreads after all). The floor actually breaks (the ground or structure my relationship is built on) and reveals another room below.

Dreaming of a Basement

In dreams, the basement of a house is a symbol for the subconscious. What do you have buried under the facade of yourself? Hidden things are kept there. So underneath my current situation, it looks like there is a small space I didn’t know was there. It had beautiful flooring but covered with water. The condition of water matters in the dream, if it was muddy it would be obscuring something but in this case it’s clear, again like the window, inviting me to look through and see what’s there. I am afraid of rats (the potential of something unpleasant) but they actually aren’t there.

People in Dreams

the little girl looked so much like my daughter I thought it was her in the dream but it could actually be a symbol for my younger self (inner child) playing the role of a guide. I wanted to protect her in the dream. 

I knew I had to tell my boyfriend about the broken floor. I think this  means that I need to talk to him (in real life) about the problems I am starting to see in our relationship. 


I thought this was a cool dream, very much applicable to my life. The message was clear and to the point - I need to confront an issue in my living arrangement.  This will uncover the potential of something hidden within me. I have to honour my inner child self by taking action.

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