Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dreaming of a House

I love my dreams that feature a house. One reason is that a house is a symbol for your Self (ego and unconscious). Both the inside and the outside features represent the things you are dealing with. (The outside showing what you are projecting to the "outside" world and the interior reflecting on more unconscious issues). So, if the outside of your house is big and grand that's how you are, or feel you are, reflecting yourself to the outside world. If it's small and run down you are feeling insecure and bad about yourself.

In your dreams try to pay attention to what room you are in, its different features and how it makes you feel. For example a bathroom represents private matters and issues of cleanliness, whereas a kitchen may represent nurturing,health issues or family issues. If you want more specifics about what different rooms mean feel free to check out an article I wrote on the topic Dreaming of a House.

The second reason that I like house dreams so much is I love the houses that I dream about. They are so unique, detailed and quirky that they would make great movie sets. In one dream I was in a small, stone cottage. We (my family) were standing in the sitting room that had a huge stone fireplace. Suddenly, we realized that behind the fireplace was a small playroom that had been hidden all this time. It was set up like a preschool, with little tables and toys. My interpretation of that dream is that as a family, we should make the time for play together - something we probably hadn't been doing.

In another dream, we (my spouse and I) were in a older Shaughnessy type mansion that had obviously once been opulent, full of antiques, but had been let go, everything looked worn out, faded, cobwebbed. My grandma and grandpa lived there (not in real life) and they were letting us stay there. As we walked from room to room they told us that we could go anywhere except the basement. When we peaked down the stairs we saw that the basement was enormous and it was full of ghosts, darkness and other scary things so it made sense to us not to go down there. We were fine staying upstairs.
I interpreted this dream to be representative of our relationship, something that had once seemed rich had now become old and faded. A basement usually symbolizes the subconscious, things that have happened in our past or issues we want to repress. My dream was telling me (warning me) not to confront these things right now.

There are many more houses - the white, farmhouse with the front porch that frequently appears in my dreams and the very cool, mid century Erickson bungalow that sat on a mountain. I encourage you to try to remember the houses that feature in your dreams. What they reveal may give you a lot of insight into yourself and your current situations.

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