Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dreaming of a Key

I am with a little blond girl in a castle. We are holding an ornately decorated diary but it is locked. I know I need to find a key to open it. I want to find out what it says.

I am in a clock repair shop. I have this long, old fashioned clock that needs to be repaired. The shopkeeper looks on the wall and finds a key that will fit the clock. It looks like a house key and has the number 33 on it.

A key unlocks things, so when it appears in a dream, it is a symbol for the same purpose. It could also mean the key or the solution to a problem. It is a symbol of freedom. Conversely, if the key doesn't fit the lock, it could mean that you need to find a different solution to your problem.

A diary, or journal, could be a symbol of my thoughts and dreams. So the key to my freedom (I was in a castle tower, maybe locked in) would be through my hopes and dreams.

A clock is a symbol for time. So in that dream the key could mean that the solution to my problems is time, giving it time. Or, since its was an old clock, maybe the solution lies in the past? Numbers are significant in dreams. Apparently, the number 33 is a Master Number which is a powerful symbol of wisdom and understanding.

Freud saw a key as a phallic symbol so the lock would symbolize the vagina. I think that's silly, but thought I should mention it anyways. Gustav Hindman Miller collaborates this view with his folksy interpretation of the key symbol: "If a young woman dreams of unlocking a door with a key, she will have a new lover and have overconfidence in him. If she locks a door with a key, she will be successful in selecting a husband." What would dreaming of a key mean for you?

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