Sunday, September 23, 2012

Numbers in Dreams

My daughter dreams she saw 19 bees flying around. They stung her 16 times on her ear.

I am on a boat, speeding down the river. In the water there are clumps of fish in groups of 3's. I scoop them up with a net.

I take an old clock into a shop to be fixed. The shopkeeper finds a key labelled #33 that will fit in the lock.

Sometimes numbers in dreams have a personal association to the dreamer. Pin codes, birthdates, and phone numbers could be an example of this.

When numbers figure prominently in our dreams we should pay attention because they are acting as a symbol. Throughout history, all cultures and religions have regarded numbers as symbols that can represent both inner qualities as well as universal ones.
If you are interested in the meaning of numbers, looking into Numerology, the study of Kabbalah, or Tarot all yield rich number meanings and associations.

Because this blog post is short I will just discuss the numbers in the dreams above and what they might symbolize:

- 19 suggests independence and overcoming struggles by standing up for yourself.
- 16 represents a struggle for freedom
- 3 sybolizes the union of body, mind and spirit
- 33 is a powerful master number which stands for personal wisdom and understanding

There are many online dream dictionaries that can tell you the meaning of numbers as well as paperback dream dictionaries. My favourite is The Dream Dictionary From A-Z by Theresa Cheung. What is key to remember is that when numbers figure in dreams, they can be an important symbol that can show you where you are at spiritually and what you may be feeling unconsciously. Share your own number dreams below.

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