Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dreaming of Camp

image by Joybot
I am at a summer camp. I'm a camper along with my daughters we have different activities to do. I am assigned to sleep in the top bunk but it keeps collapsing and I have to put it back together. I ask an old boyfriend to help me.

Since it is summer, I do think this is a seasonal type dream (the same way I have dreams about teaching in the fall). My daughters are going to camp next week so the topic is obviously on my mind.

It depends on your own experience but Summer Camp is definitely that "third place" where anything can happen. Personally, I think of classic summer camp movies that range from the nostalgic - Little Darlings, Indian Summer, The Parent Trap - to the truly terrifying like Friday the Thirteenth and even Meatballs!

So your own positive or negative associations with camp will colour what your camp dream means to you. For me, camp was a different world (outhouses and open window cabins) that I was never entirely comfortable with although I met many great friends there and had memorable experiences. I would guess that camp as a symbol in my dream represents a place of discomfort personally and with my social self.

Besides having to do with camp, bunk beds can be a symbol of relationship troubles or personal issues. Maybe my dream means I'm not comfortable being "on top" (i.e. having to make decisions, responsibility) and I want help. Dreaming of an Ex (see post) suggests the desire to go back to a more comfortable place in time.


  1. It has been awhile since I have had a dream about camp. But in the past I have had a few. I think it was when the memories were more fresh.