Friday, August 24, 2012

"Checking on My Car": Recurring Dreams

(image by Andrew Curtis)

My friend just told me about a recurring dream he was having. In it, he is inside a house where he feels safe and comfortable. There are different groups of people in the house, friends from the present and past, people that he has known. But he is very concerned about his car that is parked outside in the street. The street is not safe and he obsessively checks the car over and over to make sure it's okay. He also said the dream is "sexually charged".

Recurring dreams usually happen where there is a situation in waking life that needs attention or needs to be dealt with and your unconscious mind will continue to prod you with the dream until you do!

Both a house and a car symbolize aspects of the self. A house reflects your soul (in this case a modest, comfortable, safe house). A car represents your personal space. In this dream, my friend is worried "his space" or his person will be taken from him. I discuss these symbols more in depth in the blog entries "Dreaming of a House" and "Driving a Car".

A street or road usually symbolizes the direction your life it taking. In the dream, the street felt unsafe so maybe the "road" (career path?) my friend is currently on is not a safe or wise one to be on. Maybe he is afraid that he will lose control of himself on it? This could also relate to the sexual feelings he has in the dream (ie. a lack of control)or maybe they are just there to stress the importance of the dream.

In my own dreams, whenever groups of friends appear, I always feel like they are there to judge me, but other people might see groups of people being supportive, helpful or a distraction. It depends on how you feel about them in the dream and in waking life.

A way to stop recurring dreams is to try to change some aspect of them while you are dreaming. My friend could try getting in the car and driving it to another place he felt was safe. (Maybe try parking it in the garage!) He could get one of his friends in the house to help him. Or he could imagine someone stealing the car. What would that do to the dream?

Another way to stop the dream would be to change something in his waking life situation. Maybe he needs to find a new job or change some goals or plans he's made.


  1. A car can also be the reflection of one's character, Lisa. That is why we need to clean every part of our car regularly, especially the windows and the windshield because fogging is the number one enemy of drivers on the road.

    Nicole Vickers

  2. If you're in a hurry, a quick way to clean to your car would be to jet wash the car down and rub it over. Add your polish to a liter of water and rub it onto the paint only - don't do the windows, do it later. Squirt your windscreen washer and set your wipers to fast. Then, go for a drive to dry the car off.

    Claudio Mccarty