Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dreaming of a Beard

image by WonderfullyStrange

In my dream I look into a mirror. As I lean in close I am surprised, and a little horrified, to see that my face is sprouting long blond hairs like a beard. I don't want anyone to see me like this so I try to pluck them out.

Beards have been an important symbol throughout history. Certain religions, like Islam, Judaism and the Amish, still place much importance on the beard; it is almost sacred. (see my article on the recent Amish Beard Cutting). In ancient times, almost every culture venerated the beard. It was seen as a symbol of masculinity, virility, prestige and wisdom.

In Islam,the beard image has a great deal of significance if it appears in dreams. A very comprehensive list can be found at myislamicdreams but here are a few interpretations:
- if a beard is proportional it means you will have a nice life, money and prestige
- if it is too long you will have money but not enjoy it
- if your beard is shaved off it means you will be poor
- plucking out the hairs of a beard means you are wasting money

If a woman (like me) dreams of having a beard, according to Islamic interpretation she will 1) never conceive or 2) have a boy 3) she will be ill or 4) her husband's wealth will increase or 5) her husband will be absent.

From more of a psychological perspective, since a beard is such a traditional symbol of masculinity, for a woman to dream of having one usually means she is getting in touch with her masculine qualities.

In dreams, seeing yourself in a mirror means you are looking at a true reflection. So for me to see myself with a beard might mean that I am displaying some masculine qualities like strength or ambition. Or I could invoke the beard image as a symbol of wisdom and say that maybe I am becoming wise. Plucking out the hairs of my beard could mean I am uncomfortable with these qualities in myself.


  1. What an interesting post, I never knew any of that.

  2. Looking into a mirror and scaring yourself because of a beard may actually be a symbol for your fear of noticing yourself being assertive or grown up. Here's a quote taken from an online dream dictionary.

    "To dream of a beard represents you or some aspect of your personality that is assertive, experienced, confident, or powerful. It also represents maturity and higher standards of thinking." [Source:]