Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dreaming of Magic Beans

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In my dream I was holding a small, leather sack that contained white, magic beans. I dumped out the contents and sifted the beans through my hands. The bean that caught my eye had a message on it. It said, "Do it".

Everyone knows the fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk, right? A poor, foolish boy sells the family cow in exchange for some magic beans, which in return, provide him with the means to untold riches. The bean, traditionally, was seen as symbol that could be exchanged for food and clothing.

Dreams about food usually symbolize aspects of nourishment or appetite; however, the beans in my dream weren't for eating. They seemed to serve the purpose of runes - stones that have inscriptions and can be used for divination. Beans were, in fact, commonly used in Europe for this purpose. For example, an accused person would pick a bean from a bag: if it was black he was guilty, white he was innocent.

There are actual packages of magic bean wishes you can buy that contain a secret message that you will discover once they grow. That's kind of cool. So the idea that beans can give you a message isn't unusual, I guess.

I loved this dream because I had been waiting for a message or "sign" to address a particular problem I was facing. "Do it" could not have been a clearer answer.

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