Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dreaming of a Piano

In my dream I was standing in a white walled, white floored empty room. It was a store or something I was renovating. Someone had given me a white baby grand piano. I was pleasantly surprised because I always wanted a grand piano, although the one I wanted was actually black. Some workers, who were also dressed in white, tried to lower the piano into the room from the ceiling with a crane. The piano crashed to the floor. I was relieved to find that the only thing that was broken was a sheet of glass that covered the keyboard called a "tuner". I supposed I could still play it anyways although it wouldn't be in tune.

I have played the piano since I was four but I think this is the first piano dream I have ever had. For me to read that the piano is a symbol for creativity definitely makes sense.

The background of white represents a fresh start or a blank canvas on which to express my creativity.

It was interesting that when the piano crashed the only thing broken was a glass sheet that would not normally belong to the piano. Glass is usually a symbol for a barrier, in this case, a barrier to my creativity? Something that I thought was necessary to be "in tune" was actually not?

I like this dream. I felt it was really affirming of my creative life.


  1. Well sometimes something in real life happens and then you have to go back and reinterpret your dream. Yesterday I was supposed to go back to teaching piano lessons but there was a mix up and I had no students. Crash and burn! Which reminded me, hey I had a dream about a piano crashing to the floor, didn't I? A premonition perhaps?

  2. I actually had a dream a couple of days ago where I was sitting down and playing a piano. I am a beginner and I only know how to play Yoko Shimomura - Dearly Beloved and half of Yurima - Maybe. So I found it highly unusual for me to actually be playing a piano at all in a dream. But this dream, I was actually playing a different tune though it was quite a good and relaxing piece. Apparently I was collaborating and recording with someone, but I forgot if the other person was actually singing or playing a different instrument. Anyways, we ended up having to replay it because something went wrong during the recording (wardrobe malfunction on my part). My piano was not white like yours as it was more of a dark brownish(wood) if anything, but I was more amused by how well I played in my dream. I want to have more piano dreams! :)

    1. Thanks for sharing your dream - sounds like you are going through a creative phase. I hope you have more piano dreams too:)
      Once I had a dream that I played all of Bach's Arisio (I think it's called) on a finger piano (those coconut shaped things with metal fork like prongs). It was a very painstaking process let me tell you! But I felt so accomplished when it was done.

  3. I just love piano because it create a lovely voice which is helps to increase enjoyment.